Social Media Marketing eBooks for Events

Go-To Resources for Event Social Media Marketing

Over the past decade, I’ve been known in many event industry circles as “the social media guy”. I’m an early adopter, I soak up articles on trends daily from dozens of Google Alerts, and I have access to some of the brightest minds in this world through private Facebook / LinkedIn Groups and masterminds. I also talk about social media…a lot! In 2017 alone, I’ll be close to 100 presentations that have all touched on social media use and impact on live events.

Social media is not the only tool in my tool belt but it factors into almost every strategy I have for event planner’s marketing goals. One of my biggest struggles is teaching my clients best practices and standard operating procedures for optimal results on social media. Where I can give the most value to event pros looking to increase ticket sales or digital engagement is through creative problem solving but…that only works if they are on the same page with me for platform standards and user’s expectations for content.

When Eventbrite approached me to help them get the word out about their event marketing ebook library I was excited. I had a chance to work with them before on a Webinar called “10 Tips to Sell More Tickets with Social Media” and it had been a very positive experience. They weren’t interested in the fluff that most trying to play content marketing games engage in and that’s refreshing to someone who only puts his name on things he believes in.

After reading these ebooks I now have a solution to my problem of where to start my clients off at. I plan to share these links with each of my strategy clients as recommended reading while I work on crafting complimentary strategies for their goals. When I’m speaking the same language as my clients, I’m in a much better position to make real and lasting impacts on their goals. These ebooks concisely prepare anyone looking to increase their effectiveness as event marketers on social media.

Here are the links to each of the social media for event professionals eB=books Eventbrite has created for you.

9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media For Events and Essential Guide – Social Media for Events

Christy Huggins of Eventbrite teams up with Ash Read of social media content scheduling app, Buffer to deliver the best place to start when crafting a social media marketing strategy for events. The strengths and weaknesses of the major social medias are discussed all within the context of promoting live events. Not sure which platforms to be on? These ebooks explain who is on each one, why and what they expect from your event’s posts.

The Best Social Media Tools for Event Marketer

Eventbrite’s Christy Huggins researches all the tools you’d ever need to be a successful digital marketer. From tools created by the largest social media platforms to mobile editing apps and cloud-based resources, your content will be delivered when, where and how it should be in order to give you the greatest impact with these services. The best part, for me, was seeing the cost comparisons in order to determine what tools works for my client’s budgets. This is 48 pages of analysis anyone can understand in order to demystify some of the most powerful marketing tactics like gamification, social media walls, geofilters, and live streaming. Before you spend dozens of hours trying to choose which tool is right for your event marketing, read this ebook!

If social media marketing for your event seems like too big of a challenge to even know where to start, I have the answer – start with these ebooks from Eventbrite. When working with creative agencies or consultants, like myself, you’ll get a lot more from us if you have a better understanding of the current digital landscape.

Thanks to Eventbrite for sponsoring this post and working with event industry professionals to get the word out about their library of content.

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