Social Media Marketing at Christmas 2020

If you’re a marketer, chances are you have mixed feelings about Christmas 2020.

Holidays are usually the bread and butter of so many marketers. This is the time of year to go hard on your ad campaigns, offers and promotions.

That said, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into pretty much every aspect of doing business in 2020. Companies are struggling and marketers are rightfully freaking out about their campaigns.

It’s not all gloom and doom, though. Recent research from Deloitte notes that Aussie retailers are more confident than not about seeing a rise in sales this Christmas. 

Either way, you can’t afford to let the opportunities of the holiday season pass you by.

That’s why we put together this quick checklist to ensure that your Christmas marketing campaigns are good to go.

1. Prioritize Ecommerce, But Don’t Sleep on Eager In-Person Shoppers

During the pandemic, Aussies became increasingly dependent on digital shopping. Look no further than the explosion of delivery-based services in the past few months as evidence.

And so it’s no surprise that e-commerce is expected to dominate this Christmas.

In fact, the previously noted Deloitte survey says 71% of retailers predict online shopping to surpass last year’s numbers. Some respondents expect to see an all-time-high in digital sales.

If you’re already offering online shopping with flexible (and free) shipping options, keep doing what you’re doing. Even with lockdown restrictions lifted, don’t be surprised to see an influx of online shoppers who want to play it safe. After all, digital is typically where the best deals are.

However, the easing of restrictions also means that some shoppers will be eager to get out and about. If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, you should consider in-store promotions and exclusives to appeal to those who aren’t staying home. 

2. Start Reaching Out to Your List, Like, Now

For the sake of avoiding crowds and getting the best details, research shows that Aussies are trying to get their Christmas shopping done as early as possible. 

Don’t panic, though: it’s not too late to reach your list.

But if you haven’t already, it’s time to start hitting up your audience via social and email ASAP. 

When it comes to social media for ecommerce, consider how you can roll out of the following relatively quickly to start driving sales:

A key takeaway here is that you’re going to need to attack multiple channels to grab your customers’ attention. Again, so many marketers are fighting tooth and nail for sales right now.

Benefit Cosmetics’ social presence is a prime example of how brands can really hit the pavement when it comes to promotion. From social ads and email to their Instagram Stories and organic feed, they’re not shy about getting their offers out there. You shouldn’t be, either.

3. Make Sure You Give Holiday Shoppers a Seamless Mobile Experience

Based on recent Australian social trends, more and more consumers are engaging with brands on social media. It’s well-documented that most of these interactions happen via mobile.

That’s why it’s so important that you don’t sleep on your smartphone shopping experience.

The good news is that shopping via social media ads or Instagram is fairly straightforward on a mobile device. 

Your website is another story, though. From your landing pages to your checkout, the customer experience needs to be totally seamless from A to Z.

Let’s look at Purebaby as a prime example of a brand that gets their mobile experience right. As soon as you land on-site, you’re hit with a clear call-to-action and enticing offer.

Meanwhile, their products are neatly organized and easy to navigate.

They also make their delivery and shipping policies crystal clear for customers. This is particularly important as consumers during Christmas expect timely delivery and are likewise looking to score free shipping whenever possible.

Lastly, they have all hands on deck to respond to social media messages regarding their products:

See how that works? Piggybacking on the last point, pay special attention to your social notifications and inbox to ensure that you’re not missing out on opportunities to answer questions and win those ever-so-important holiday sales.

4. Emphasize Steep Discounts for Budget-conscious Buyers

Aussies are becoming increasingly cautious in terms of how they’re spending their money post-pandemic. 

As such, how you price your products is crucial. Most brands reserve their best deals for Christmas and this year should be no different.

For example, UNIQLO’s Cyber Monday offers were pretty steep.

Similarly, brands like BYS Cosmetics made a point to push their time-sensitive sales via Instagram.

Impulse buys might be a bit harder to come by this year. To increase the likelihood of selling to first-time customers, make sure to put your best offers (think: 50% off) front-and-center throughout your social marketing.

5. Emphasize Empathy Throughout Your Christmas Marketing Messages

You’re probably sick of hearing it, but this is no ordinary year. 

Likewise, your offers and deals shouldn’t be totally tone-deaf to the pandemic.

Beyond more traditional offers, consider how you can include language and marketing messages that emphasize empathy. Right now we’re seeing a lot of Aussie brands put out campaigns centered around the following:

For example, Bellabox’s Christmas offer is framed as a “self love” package.

Here’s another great example from Bellroy, acknowledging the madness of 2020 while promoting a more positive future alongside their products.

The takeaway here is that you need to talk to your customers like people rather than beat them over the head with offer after offer. These tactics aren’t reserved for big brands, either. Small and local businesses are arguably best equipped to tug on their customers’ heartstrings and get personal.

What Are You Doing to Make Christmas 2020 Count?

It’s been a wild year. Trust us: we get it.

By optimizing your Christmas campaigns, you can hopefully end yours on a high note. The tips above can help you do exactly that.

And if you need any last-minute help sorting out your holiday marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hello Social today.

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