Social Media Advertising Tutorial (With Pitfalls To Avoid!)

If you’re just getting started with social media ads, or if you want to improve your social media ad campaigns, then this video is for you! Today, we’re giving you our 9-step social media advertising tutorial, tips on how to handle social media for business, and MORE!

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Are you ready to take control of your social media advertising and start driving real results?

And we’re talking about more than just followers and likes, we’re talking about website conversions and lead form completions here.

If you’re ready, then keep reading, because today we’re sharing an all-around social media advertising tutorial.

This will help you lay the foundation for a profitable social media advertising strategy.

So what we’ve prepared today is a 9-step plan to get you started with social media advertising with pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Video Outline
Intro (0:00)
Research Social Media Platforms (1:22)
Audit What You’ve Done So Far (2:16)
Conduct A Competitor Analysis (4:29)
Determine Your Goals (6:34)
List Your Audience’s Goals & Pain Points (8:52)
Make The Ads (10:10)
A/B Split Test Ads (11:20)
Optimize & Simplify (12:35)
Repeat With Other Platforms (14:05)

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Social Media Advertising Tutorial (With Pitfalls To Avoid!)

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