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So you’ve been advertising with a . Just getting started is something to be proud of! But once you’ve got an understanding of how the process works it’s time to get creative. You may have tried very direct ads with strong CTA’s or sent out some images of your product. Now you’re wondering, why aren’t I getting the results I want

The answer could be that they’re not designed correctly for the platform. Now’s the time to get creative! Be sure the social media company you’re working with is taking the time to make the right content. People who spend time on social media are used to seeing a certain type of content in their feed on each app. For example, if your target audience has an interest in the outdoors, they may be prone to stopping on ads that include nature imagery.

So if you’re trying to reach a specific person, not only do you need to focus on your targeting but you need to make content people want to see. Here are a few tactics you can employ to reach your audience in the way they want. 

1 – Know the trends!

Before creating an ad be sure you understand what’s popular on the app you’re advertising on. Get well versed on the current trends on each platform. To get versed in what’s popular simply spend some time scrolling through each app and learn what’s trendy. : scroll through your “For You Page” and you’ll see that dance trends are HUGE! So now you’ll recognize that if you want your ad to be seen it probably shouldn’t be too “sales pitchy”. You might instead try incorporating a dance in your ad while still getting your message across with text. Remember, trends vary based on the app you’re using so remain flexible with your approach. 

2 – Understand Your Audience

Give your ads a chance to improve by putting yourself in the audience’s shoes. Develop buyer personas to help develop effective target audiences. This will help you get in your audience’s head space. What content is trending for your audience? Are they millennials? If so, maybe you should give memes a try! Do you suspect they love cooking shows? Mimic a cooking video to deliver your ad in an unassuming way. Your audience might benefit from your product/services but they won’t know it until they digest your pitch, so make sure you’re giving something they’ll want to watch.

3 – Find influencers in your industry!

Finding influencers is a great way to get inspiration for how to create content. If you’re working with a social media company, ask about finding influencers to work with or if they’re knowledgeable on any in your industry. Once you find influencers who are in your industry you can check out their accounts to see what their most popular content is and see if you can mimic the format in your ads!

There are endless possibilities when strategizing your ads on social media but it’s essential you don’t forget to stay creative. 

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