SMB’s Are Missing Out on A Proper SEO Strategy

Why SMBs are Lacking Needed SEO Strategy in Their Marketing

Search engine optimization can help boost website rankings and visibility on Google by getting to the coveted first page. However, many SMBs (small and medium businesses) are missing out on implementing proper SEO tactics. Here are a few reasons why SMBs may neglect to include an SEO strategy.

  • They have no marketing team. A business doesn’t need a full marketing department to have good SEO. It can take one person to write blogs and update website pages, and often that person may already be on your team.
  • They do not have the budget for it. Especially with SMBs, marketing budgets are usually small. However, by reallocating your funds to support SEO marketing efforts, you can see significant ROI increases.
  • They do not understand how SEO works. With constant changes to algorithms, SEO can be tricky. If an SMB does not have the time to learn techniques, it may be best to work with an agency that is an expert at optimization.

Despite these common challenges, small and medium businesses should reevaluate their marketing approach to include search engine optimization practices. While SEO is a long-term strategy, constant algorithm changes need to be addressed and updated as required. For example, blogs will always be essential, yet keywords are now often written for voice search, as it was predicted 50 percent of searches would come from voice technology in 2020.

An SMB may not have the grand recognition of a large corporation, and, in turn, needs to work a little harder to create a digital presence. There should be a focus on boosting organic rankings on Google—especially if your budget doesn’t allow for pay per click advertising. Let’s look at three types of SEO searches to keep in mind and some tips to get higher rankings for each.

  1. Voice—An increase in voice searches, whether from a smartphone, home device, or car Bluetooth, is growing rapidly. The convenience factor drives this type of search, and content must be written in a way that these devices can detect. If your blog aims to answer a question, be sure the answer is within the first 100 words.

As an SMB, search engine optimization may seem like a lot to take on. However, backed by the expert team of strategists at Kraus Marketing, your website traffic and organic ranking can flourish. We work together to create an SEO strategy that fits your company, complete with website updates and blog plans. Contact us today to learn more!

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