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SEO SolutionIf you provide SEO services on a consistent basis, then you probably understand just how important the “sell” is in the process. If you cannot adequately convince the client of the benefits they’ll receive from using your services and speak the language they understand, then you’re not going to get very far in the game. This is why you want to be sure to streamline any SEO solution offered to a client in a way that appeals to their sensibilities. How can you do this when dealing with a wide array of individuals and brands? There isn’t one absolute or uniform answer, but you can take a lot of the guesswork out of things. We’ll outline some simple solutions below for selling your SEO solution/plan to clients from all walks of life.

Understand Their Language

The language of SEO can be complex and confusing for those who don’t deal with it day-to-day. You may know what the language of SEO entails, but do you understand the client’s language? SEO can be framed in any number of ways; are they looking for financial numbers, technical explanations or layman’s terms about traffic and exposure? When pinging for SEO, you can find any number of metrics that will address the client’s main focus and desires. While SEO is much more complex than any one element of its dynamic, your clients may respond better when you address the components that are most pressing for them.

Clarify Their Concerns

We’ve all dealt with it: one SEO client or another will insist that he or she knows better on a given subject, and will want to debate the merits of it with you. It is important that you are able to work effectively without micromanagement, which can be done when you clarify their concerns upfront and listen attentively. After you collect enough details about their concerns and point of view, you can then address the matters point-by-point if you need to rebuff an incorrect analysis on their part. When it comes to SEO, the client or customer is not always right, but to approach the matter correctly, you must thoroughly understand their concerns and play the part of astute listener.

Understand Your Time

When you walk in for an interview with a potential client, it is important to understand one thing: you have just a few minutes to make your pitch and impression. After this time elapses – regardless of how long the meeting may be – you’ve already sealed the deal or lost the opportunity. People will look and listen for a short period of time intently, but afterward, they will begin to wander away from the premise. Pinging for SEO is such a complex subject that is technical in nature, so you have to start out with a straightforward approach of how things will be done, what can be expected and what it will take. If the client decides to hire you or wishes for a more technical explanation during the meeting, then you can provide it. Otherwise, go for the short and sweet at the onset and then lead into the more complex components.

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