She’s Always in Motion! Using video in your social media marketing to women

2019 was a year of explosive growth of video on social media – visual content is king, and if your visual content isn’t moving, it should be. Views of branded video content have increased by 258% on Facebook and by 99% on YouTube.

As we know, women are very active on social media, making up the majority of Facebook and Instagram users, and women use other platforms like Twitter and YouTube differently from men – men use social media to build influence, while women use social media to make connections and learn new things.

That makes social media content, and video content in particular, a powerful way to reach women.

Using Video to Reach Women on Facebook

Facebook has the largest audience of all the social networks, with more than 2 billion active users each month – that’s almost a third of the world’s population!

Facebook users watch about 100 million hours of video content every day, and has a very diverse audience.

Your business likely already has a Facebook page, and hopefully already posts regularly – but when you post, think to yourself, “could this be a video?” and your follower count and engagement could well thank you.

The key of video marketing on Facebook is to remember that on Facebook, people want to be entertained (think cat videos).

Say something in a funny way, using women at your business to do it, and you’ll find your audience.


YouTube seems more like a video site than a social network, but this website is surprisingly social.

YouTube is also a search engine, and is the second largest one of those in the world (behind Google, who also owns YouTube).

Nearly 90 percent of marketers have published video content on YouTube, and the overwhelming majority have found it to be a very effective tool.


Instagram has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years.

With its focus on visual content, for many people it is a nice break from the information overload found on text-centric social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

It isn’t the biggest social network, but its users are very loyal, and it is considered to be the top social platform for engagement – and crucially, its users are mostly female!

More than half of marketers are breaking into the realm of Instagram video, and a huge 88% of them have found it to be effective.

Video Marketing Power Tips:

  1. Remember graphics and text in the video.  Most video on social media is going to be seen on a mobile device, with the sound off.  Make sure a viewer gets enough information out of just seeing your video to prompt them to raise the volume, or even better, keep your message simple and communicate the whole thing there.
  2. Create playlists on YouTube.  If you have a YouTube channel, don’t just upload videos, organize them into playlists so your fans can easily find related video content.
  3. Upload videos directly to Facebook.  Rather than linking a YouTube video, use Facebook’s own video platform to maximize exposure.  
  4. Remember a CTA.  Without a clear call to action, no marketing piece is successful – make sure your videos have one!
  5. Release new video content regularly.  By keeping content fresh, you’ll ensure that frequent visitors to your page always have new content to watch.
  6. Stay shareable! Allow embedding in your YouTube videos so they can be more easily shared by others.
  7. Keep it simple and focused.  Your message should be single-minded, focused on one idea.  Give highlights, not instructions – leave them looking for more details, and prompt them to interact for more.

Jody DeVere, CEO of AskPatty.com, is an authority on marketing to women, as well as an automotive journalist, car-care expert and safety spokesperson for the industry. You can reach her at jdevere@askpatty.com.

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