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•             Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

•             Understanding the WordPress.org Downloads Website

•             Installing WordPress on live server

•             Installing WordPress on local server

•             Logging into Your Dashboard

2. Administering WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates

•             Understanding the WordPress Dashboard — Updates Screen

•             Understanding Version, Release and Modification Updates

•             Updating Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin Compatibility

•             Upgrading to the Latest WordPress Release

3. Creating and Administering Posts

•             Setting Up Categories and Tags

•             Understanding Title and Content Areas

•             Configuring the Publish Area

•             Setting the Featured Image

4. Creating and Administering Pages

•             Differences between Pages and Posts

•             Creating Your Basic Website Pages & Creating Parent Pages

•             Difference between Visual and Text Editor

•             Using HTML to Extend Page Content

5. Creating and Administering Menus

•             Creating Your First Menu

•             Adding Pages, Post and Categories to Your Menu

•             Re-Arranging the Menu Items

•             Removing the Menu Item

•             Enabling Advanced Menu Options & Adding Custom Links to Your Menu

6. Inserting Hyperlinks

•             Inserting hyperlink to download file

•             Inserting hyperlink to an External Websites

•             Inserting Hyperlinks to an Internal Page

•             Inserting an E-mail Address & Removing a Hyperlink

7. About Shortcodes

•             What is Shortcode

•             How to use Shortcode

•             Shortcode Example

8. Configuring Website Settings

•             Configuring General Settings

•             Configuring Reading Settings

•             Configuring Permalinks

9. Media Library

•             Understanding the Default Width and Height Settings

•             Understanding WordPress Image File Creation

•             Understanding the Default Month Year Folder Structure

•             Uploading and Managing Media Files

10. Themes and Plugins

•             What is a Plugin

•             How to download plugin

•             Installing, Updating, and deleting the plugin

•             Choosing a Theme

•             Installing and Configuring a Theme

•             Switching Between Themes

•             Adding Menu, Media and Content to a Theme

•             Administering, Upgrading and Maintaining Plugins

•             Example of how to use Plugins

•             Adding a Photo Gallery

•             Creating a Contact Form

11. Widgets and Sidebars

•             What is Widget

•             What is Sidebar

•             Adding/Removing Widgets

•             Adding Text, Post, Image and other types of widgets

12. Adding a Slideshow

•             Uploading Images for Slideshow

•             Using the Theme’s Built-in Slideshow Feature

•             Installing a Slideshow Plugin

•             Creating a Slideshow

•             Adding the Slideshow to a Page

•             Adding a Slideshow to a Sidebar

13. Adding Social Media Buttons

•             Using a Plugin to Add Social Media Buttons

•             Adding Social Media Buttons to a Widget

•             Using the Theme’s Option to Add Social Media Button

14. Backing up the Website

•             Installing a Plugin

•             Creating a Backup

•             Locating the Backup

•             Downloading the Backup

15. Working on Divi (WordPress Page Builder)

•             How to install Divi Theme

•             How to use different components of Divi Theme

•             Understanding Divi Text Editor

• History (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu etc.)

• Development & Growth of Search Engines in a Cyber

• Type of Marketing

   > Pull Marketing

• Purpose of SEO

• How Google’s Search Engine Works

• Basics of SEO

• Terminology Cycle of Search Engine

  (How its Work)

   > Table of SEO Success Factors

• What is ranking on Google?

  >Advantages of high Ranking

• What are keywords?

• Purpose of keywords in Website’s marketing

• Uses of Keyword Researching Tools

  (Search Volumes, Competition, Business Priority)

• Keyword Planner tool And other 3rd part online tools and

  Desktop Application

• Mapping Keywords to Website Pages

• Segregation of High and Low priority Keyword

• Primary Keywords Secondary Keywords LSI Keywords

• Competitive Keywords Also

• Create an Excel File of keywords

• Uses of formulas to get find the best and main

  (Business matching keywords)

on-page seo

• What is On-Page SEO?

• Two type of SEO = “On Page” & “Off Page”

• Basics of HTML – Designing How to use Keywords

• Whole keyword report in On-Page SEO?

• URL, Meta, Title, Description, Hi, and other headings

• Algorithm of How to use Keyword on Website’s Page

• Which types of Images are used on the page?

• ALT in the Images Crawling & Indexing

• Difference between Crawling and Indexing

• XML & HTML Sitemaps, How to make it? Robots.tx

• Purpose of that file!

• Algo of Robots file best practices

• Anchor Text

• Fundamental of Anchor Text

• Complete Case study of Anchor Text

on-page seo

• How to prioritize the other web pages?

• Analyze with the Tools

• Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster

ui and ux according to seo

• How to make friendly web design & architecture?

• Thinking of good UI and designing a website

  (goals, strate World     gies & conversion models)

• How to show your content and where?

• Cross Connection of UI of SEO > Bounce Rate

• URL Architecture

• Page Speed Analysis

(GTMetrix / Pingdom Tool / Google Page Speed Checker Tool)

• How to fix it

  > according to Google’s Stander Broken Links

• Test and improve page speed

• Mobile web crawling

• Structured data usage & optimization

• AMP configuration

• Check indexing

• Make sure important resources are crawl_able

• Audit internal links

•Review your sitemap

link building (off-page seo)

• What is link building?

• Purpose of backlinks?

• Types of Backlinks


link building (off-page seo)

• Normal “BL” (.com)

• Ranks (singles, measurement, check, and balance)

• How to prioritize the Backlinks?

• According to Google

• Keyword Ranking

• SEO Strategies for Localized Businesses

• Social Media Back linking and Marketing

  (Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest)

• Online Reputation Management

• Targeted Audience Strategy

• Lead Generation for Local Audience

• Local SEO (by Category, Niche, Products, Services etc.)

  (Schema for Addresses, Local Keywords, Local Websites)

seo site audit

• Audit of website Before Launching the Site

•Domain name (Brand name generator, EMD for Specific

purposes etc.)

• Brain Storming (Tools)

• Prototyping (Tools)

• Mockup mapping (Tools)

• Logo Suggestion – Color Scheme

• Design and SEO UI UX

• Audit after launching the website

• On-Page Audit (complete)

• Off-Page Audit (complete)

• Tools: Online Free Tools, Paid Tools, Desktop Applications

Audit Report

• How to analyze and measure the detail Website Audit?

• Reporting for Client

• Find the Web Development Bugs according to the

  Google SEO Standers

• What is Google Algorithm?

• Purposes of Algorithms?

• Search Algorithm Overview https:

//moz.com/google-algorithm change

• There are the Top following Google ML (machine learning)

sem (search engine marketing)

awords – google’s ppc (sem)

• What is SEM?

• What is Google Award?

• Types of SEM?

• Ads making Fundamentals

• Understanding Ad Position, Ad Auction Ad

 Rank & Ad Formats, bidding

• AdWords Terminologies and strategy

• Understanding of Account

  (Google dashboard understanding)

campaign creation – adwords

• Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

• Cost-Per-Impression (CPM)

• Bid Strategies – Bidding

• Cost-Per-Acquisition/ (CPA)

• Keyword Targeting & Strategy

• Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC)

• Keyword Match Types – Broad Phrase,

• Broad Match Modifier, Exact, Negative

• Keyword Performance high conversion

display advertising

• What is Display Ads (PPC, CPM)

• Purpose and Advantage of Display Ads Mapping

• Marketing Objectives to Display Ads Marketing Objectives

• Targeting Methods of Ads

• Advanced Targeting Methods

• Display Ad Formats & Tools

• Remarketing of SEM (Ad words)

• Reports & Optimizing Display Campaigns

video paid ads

• Video Paid Advertising

• AdWords Video Ads

• Platform of Video Ads YouTube, In-stream,

• Video Discovery Ads, Bumper Ads

• How to create video ads

• Creation of Call-to-Actions

• Overlay Ads

• How to Optimising of Video Ads

• Reporting of ads, YouTube Analytics for Video Ads

shopping advertising (paid)

• What are Google Shopping Ads?

• What is Product Listing Ads?

• How to make these ads format?

• Where do they appear on Google?

• What Shoppers on the Internet do?

• Requirements of Advertising

• Create Shopping Campaign on Google AdWords

• Google Shopping Set Retailers up for Success

• Features of Google Shopping Why PLA’s?

• And the Path to Create PLA Ads Merchant Centre Steps

•Complete reporting and track performance and Optimize

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