SEO Training Dojo – A new chapter

When it comes to tools, there’s lots of great ones already out there, like our friends at Majestic, Raven and of course, the Moz community. And when it comes to learning the craft through structured formats, our friends at SEO Book have it covered. So, we really didn’t want to go down that road. So what’s left for a search community to do?

Easy; foster community engagement and the evolution of the SEO industry.

Over the years we came to realize a few things;

  • That members interacting was the core of our website.
  • There is an ever-growing need for a private setting for people to engage and network.
  • That members interact on different platforms, not just here on the site.

So, we’ve listened and we’ve learned.

What’s New At The SEO Training Dojo?

The Approach. That’s what.

– some of our members like to drop by the site. Some prefer to hangout on Facebook, others on Google Plus, LinkedIn or on Skype. Some folks, a combination of those. When you join the SEO Training Dojo community you now also have access to our private groups on all of the above social networks. We are where you are.

Quality over quantity – we’ve also culled the membership here as well as in our various private groups around the web. You can no longer just sign-up to the SEO Dojo by giving us money. You need to be sponsored or pass a short interview process. We’re not being elitist, we just want to encourage a higher level of information flow.

Connected community – regardless of how you use the network, we’ll keep you connected. Each week members will receive an update with all the top industry news as well as the hot topics being discussed across our private channels. We know how important it is to stay on top of things and that time is precious. We’ll keep you informed.

High powered networking – another thing that we’ve seen over the years are the members working together and outsourcing to each other. We’ve enable more ways to do this and combined with the member quality control, you’ll be able to find the right person for the job or contracting opportunity.

We want to be your power networking platform that’s intelligent, private and affordable. After nearly 5 years of community building we’ve learned what you want, what is needed out there, and how we can best help evolve the SEO industry.

New Look. New Approach. New Technology

Existing and past members have probably noticed by now that things have changed here lately. Believe me it’s been a ton of work. From updating the systems to the design and usability, to trying to create an offering that is needed and effective. It’s been a long haul. But we made it.

Yes, much of the website will still be familiar, so that’s not a problem. We’ve simply tweaked some interfaces, updated software, added a few new features and tried to make the experience more comfortable than ever.

You can learn more about what makes up the SEO Dojo over here on this page.

Why The Changes?

I’ll be honest. I do a LOT of forensic and recovery work as a consultant over the last few years. One thing that has been a bond of contention for me us the sheer amount of crap-hat SEO still going on out there. Just when it was looking like it was time for me to pack it in, the second wind kicked in.

Instead of complaining about the business owners that keep getting caught in the cross fire between Google and the less reputable providers. Sometimes you just have to strap on your warrior wear and go out and try and make a difference. So I shall try it again.

Another lesson learned as a community builder the last few years was that one has to be a bit more careful setting the bar to entry and dealing with internal drama. To be effective in change, as strong group is going to be paramount.

I will be writing a bit more about what we’re doing over the next week, so do drop by again. If you’re a past member, or thinking about joining us, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Interested in becoming an SEO Dojo warrior? Start your journey here.

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