SEO starter Guide: Complete Beginners Guide + Hacks

We live in a chaotic digital world. Businesses post millions of blogs, ads, websites, videos, and other content online to get viewers’ attention. But obviously, very few succeed in getting the desired results. So what it is that makes those “lucky-few” better than others? How are they able to reach an influential audience and grow significantly?

The answer is simple; these Businesses deploy multiple Digital Marketing tactics to reach an audience that matters. Today, we are going to talk about one such tactic, SEO. We will also discuss the much-talked SEOBuddy checklist and SEOBuddy review.

If you are in the online Business, we are pretty sure that you might have heard about SEO. Still, for better understanding, we will start from the basics.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a Digital Marketing practice deployed by Businesses to drive meaningful traffic to their websites Organically. Sounds too technical? Let’s put in a layman form.

SEO is a practice through which Businesses try to be visible to their potential customers without paid ads. This is a somewhat too simplified definition of SEO. It includes multiple tasks like On-page & Off-page optimizations, Creating engaging Content, optimizing that Content for specific keywords, & building backlinks.

All this is done for one single purpose, “To rank higher than the competitors on the Google’s or any other search engine’s Result Pages (SERPs).”

It’s a bit complex process & we would soon discuss that, but first, a more critical question.

Why ranking higher on Search Results is essential?

We all use Google for our routine tasks. E.g., if you are looking for a good Hotel in NJ, you will type “Best hotels in NJ” and hit enter. You’ll see 280 million results within 1 or 2 seconds! These numbers are mind-numbing without a doubt!

Now, have you ever ever tried visiting the second page of the millions of pages? Forget about the second page; have you ever bothered to look at the 8th or 9th result on the first page? Almost never!

Multiple research suggests that almost 70% of the visitors click on the first three organic links that appear on the SERP! That’s where every Business or Brand wants to be. If your Website is not on the first page, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist!

Results show that when you move just one position ahead of Google’s search results, your CTR (click through ratio) goes up by 30%!

So if you want your Business to make its mark & thrive, it is imperative to rank higher on Google’s Search Results.

Now let’s get to the core question.

How SEO works?

To understand how SEO works, first, you will need to understand how a Search Engine works.

When you type any text, also called “query” in technical terms, Search Engine deploys certain set programs or algorithms, generally known as “bots” or “crawlers” for the task.

These “bots” scan through millions of websites, compare the information on those webpages with the “query,” & place them in the index.

These “bots” then analyze the indexed webpages for the most relevant information and thousands of other ranking factors.

Based on these factors and relevance, Search Engine decides which Webpages will appear on the top and won’t.

It must be clear by now that the Search Engine algorithm plays a critical role in SEO. So it is vital to optimizing webpages and websites according to this algorithm for better ranking and visibility.

Now the question is how to optimize your Website to help it stay in sync with Google’s algorithm?

Well, follow these steps for the starter!

Steps to ensure better SEO

1. On-Page SEO

This is a process of optimizing visible components present on the Website to drive meaningful traffic and rank better than competitors. In the On-site SEO process, professionals optimize the written and visual content on the Website and modify the Website’s source code.

The purpose of this process is to help “bots” easily identify and interpret the information available on the webpage and get ranked higher on the Search Results. An efficient On-site SEO intends to match Content on the Website with the user’s intent & keywords in the “query” to offer them an excellent user experience & desired results.

Factors playing a critical role in On-site SEO

Relevant Keywords

Initially, the best way to rank a website higher was to place multiple keywords at specific locations and make the Search Engine believe that the Content is relevant.

But those days are gone for good! Powered with cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence), Search Engines have evolved a lot. Now it’s not possible to trick search engines by “keyword stuffing.”

But that doesn’t mean keywords are entirely obsolete. Even today, Google’s primary factor for indexing is relevant keywords. With these keywords in place, Google will easily identify that your Website has some information relevant to the search “query” entered by the user.

But that’s not all. Google will weigh multiple other factors, along with keywords, to ensure the user gets what he/she is looking for.

Written & Visual Content plays a crucial role in On-Site SEO. Having informative, visually appealing, and intuitive Content tends to attract more potential customers. Such Content helps you offer value to your visitors, compelling them to re-visit your Website and take meaningful action.

Here, it is vital to note that as Search Engines have evolved, they can access the Content, analyze it not just for relevance but also for your keywords’ uniqueness, context & frequency.

Reports from leading analysts suggest that your Content should be as detailed as possible. detailed & in-depth content helps you rank better on Google. Also, the Content should be backed by reliable resources to have an Authority on Google.

Page-load speed

Page speed is a prominent On-page SEO factor that impacts the ranking of websites.

Today the life has become lightning fast. Everyone wants everything right away, and the same goes for Google. To offer a better User Experience, Google tries to offer the Search Results in minimal time.

But to ensure this, Google’s “bots” will have to scan information on your Website. If “bots” can’t do that, they will not index a website, and it will fail to rank higher on Search Results.

Moreover, if your Website takes more than 3 seconds to load, almost 60% of visitors will bounce-off to your competitor’s Website. Google will note this, and when next time someone enters the relevant query, your Website won’t be ranked higher on Google.

Mobile optimized

As smart and mobile devices have penetrated deep inside our lives, we use them more than ever to gather information, buy products, services, and much more. Data shows that almost 50% of traffic on Google comes from Mobile devices.

Google has taken note of this trend. As it looks for offering the best surfing experience to the users, it places mobile-friendly websites on the top of Search Results.

So if you have a website that is not optimized for Mobile devices, we would recommend you to do so right now! This can have a major impact on your Website’s ranking.

2. Off-page SEO

Off-page is everything that professionals do to rank higher on Search Results outside the Website. In this process, professionals take multiple steps to boost your online visibility and bring more potential customers to your Website.

There are multiple ways to do so like Commenting, Broken Link Building, Brand mentions, Content Marketing, & Social Networking.

Let’s understand them in a bit of detail.

Although a bit outdated, Commenting has not lost its entire steam! It still has got some value inside. Leaving a meaningful comment on various blogs with your Website’s link can be of great help, given you don’t misuse the tactic.

It helps you connect with the Blog writers, and people visiting that blog might visit your Website too after reading the comment.

Brand Mention

When your Brand is mentioned on various Social Media platforms, Forums, and other discussion platforms, Google takes note of it. Brand mention makes your presence felt to the Google’s “bots.” The next time someone searches for the relevant keywords present in your Website, Google will index it for ranking.

Social Networking

Humans love gossiping! Back in those days, it was done when people met physically; now it is on Social Media! Today almost 4 billion people are on Social Media, and 70% of them are actively using their accounts regularly.

You can leverage this influence of Social Media by creating attractive Content on Social media and driving them to your Website.

Content Marketing

Marketing your Content is as important as creating it. Let’s say you have created a detailed SEO-Checklist for businesses and uploaded it to your blog or Website. But if you stop here, you won’t be getting as much traffic.

Instead, you can create Platform-specific Content like a Youtube Video, describing how important this SEO-checklist is and place the link in the description. So if the viewers find your video enticing, they will surely visit the link.

But remember, the trick here is to create a platform-specific marketing strategy.

Building Broken Backlinks

Often we come across webpages that have 404 errors. You can connect with the owners of such websites and if the error is due to your broken link, offer a replacement. IFf the broken link is from one of your competitors, you can offer the owner your link with similar Content.

Most of the resource owners will be happy to comply because no one likes 404 errors!

Guest Blogging

It’s a great way to make your presence felt in the fiercely competitive Market. You can find a lot of blogs that are open for guest blogging. Find the right blogs that match your niche and offer quality blogs for them.

This will help you bring more visitors to your Website and offer a better user experience.

3. Technical SEO

This process deals with all the technical, server, and Website optimization for offering a better user experience to the visitors and rank higher on Google.

Following are some steps that you can take for performing better technical SEO:


Security is a big concern in the Digital World. Due to rising online frauds and scams, people are skeptical of almost everything. Google wants to protect its users, and hence they have announced that websites with SSL (Secure Socket Layer Certificate) will be ranked higher. So if you don’t have an SSL certificate for your Website, get it now.

Create an XML sitemap

XML sitemap acts as a guiding light for Google’s “bots.” Having them in place ensures that “bots” can easily identify the Content on the Website. An XML sitemap contains information like when the page was edited last, what’s its priority and whether you update it frequently or not.

So we recommend creating an XML sitemap for your Website.

Ensure you have enabled AMP

Google wants websites to load quickly on mobile devices, and to do so, it uses a special code known as AMP HTML. This code removes elements like forms & comments from your Website to make them feather-light while loading on a mobile device.

AMP-enabled webpages load fast, people spent more time on them, and they are shared more often, resulting in a better ranking of your Website.

Register with Bing Webmaster Tools & Google Search Console

These tools from Microsoft ad Google ensure your Website is performing efficiently by analyzing various factors like:

Once you launch your Website, it’s important to submit your XML sitemap to these tools for better ranking.

Now SEO feels daunting, isn’t it?

We understand that digesting all of these can be challenging. But as SEO is critical, you cannot ignore it too.

So what’s the solution?

How can you rank better on Google with minimum hassle and endless hard work?

It’s simple, grab the SEO Buddy’s checklist, and you are good to go!

This detailed checklist will help you get on the first page of Google without much technical jargon!

This detailed SEO-checklist contains every important SEO action needed to get you on the first page of Google and drive quality Organic (unpaid) Traffic.

What is SEO Buddy?

SEO Buddy is a platform that helps you master the much-needed SEO –skills to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive market. Founded by Romain Brobant, SEO Buddy has helped hundreds of Businesses stay focused & consistent, ensuring exponential growth.

Why should you use SEO-checklist from SEO buddy?

SEObuddy SEO Checklist
SEObuddy SEO Checklist

Maintaining a constant inflow of customers is a dream of every Business. Today, when everything is Digital, this can be achieved in one way only, by staying on the top of Google’s Organic search results.

But to do so, either you will have to invest in expensive in-house SEO-experts, or you will have to hire SEO-agencies that charge a fortune. Even after spending such big-bucks, results are not guaranteed.

The third option is this comprehensive SEO checklist from SEO-buddy. Grab this, utilize it efficiently, and you will land on Google’s first page. Once you are there, you will struggle to manage the massive inflow of customers, and your Business will go boom!

Romain Brabant himself crafts this SEO checklist. And it is vital to mention here that he has mastered the SEO after a lot of struggle. So he knows what can go wrong with SEO, and this SEO checklist is designed specifically to prevent that!

What do you get in this deal?

You will get a lot more than an SEO-Checklist. Let’s take a look.

1. Comprehensive SEO checklist

This checklist contains everything that you will ever need to manage a successful SEO-campaign.

You get access to a Google sheet with over 100 key SEO action steps.

In this sheet, you will read what steps you have to take and a detailed understanding of how to execute those steps efficiently to get on the first page of Google.

2. The SEO-buddy SOP collection

This carefully crafted SOP collection in a layman’s language is so easy that even a novice can master the whole process within minutes.

There is a step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots and tips for easy understanding and better application.

This SOP helps you learn all the SEO basics and then scale-up gradually to the advanced level.

3. Free update & Lifetime access

As the Search Engines evolve, it is vital to update your SEO strategies. So SEO-Buddy also offers their Free-updates and life-tine access to their checklist.

Sneak-Peak on what areas does this SEOBuddy checklist covers

In short, if you have this checklist, you will never have to look for any other SEO resource, ever! It covers everything from start to end when it comes to SEO!

Conclusive thoughts

A lot of so-called experts and agencies have created a stigma around SEO. You will often hear from them that SEO is complex, you can’t do it on your own, and you need an expert and blah, blah.

If you ask us, yes, it can challenge. But if you have the right guide or an SEO-checklist from SEO-buddy, it will make your job super-easy.

Look, you are already burning cash on paid-ads, then why not utilize some of that cash to master SEO and ensure a continuous flow of customers, absolutely free?

So grab this once in a lifetime opportunity and ensure stunning Business Growth!

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