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Now that you understand what kinds of domains exist in regards to SEO as well as the benefits of each, you’ll want to consider what your goals are for your domain.

Here are some potential uses for domains:

Start a New Brand – A new brand would probably want to name their company something that has never existed before, and therefore they would need a new domain with that name.

Ex: Dan The Duck Hunter wants to buy DuckHuntinDan.com.

Exact or Partial Match URL – This would be a domain that you would probably buy new, although they can be found aged or expired with a little work and luck. The purpose would be to match the URL to the target the keywords you want to go after.

Ex: BeverlyHillsToiletCleaners.com – The intention is to be very relevant to Beverly Hill Toilet Cleaning Services.

Local, National, or International – By deciding on your target audience, you can find better domains that resonate with a specific geographic location or be broader to resonate to a much larger audience.

Ex: AustinTxPestBoyzzz.com might be better for a local site in Austin, Texas, while MegaPestBoyzzz.com could serve a broader audience. Both will resonate differently in the SERPs.

Repurpose a Brand as a New Money Site – Maybe you find an expired or aged domain that matches the niche you want to target, so you just buy that domain and start building under what is essentially a repurposed brand (Trademarks are rarely an issue.  Remember – there’s a reason the site no longer exists).

Ex: You buy ClearMangleSeas.com which has a long-standing history as a sailing domain. You get it and start repurposing it as a watersports affiliate site using its history to propel you into higher rankings.

Redirects – Maybe you already have a website and want to give it an extra kick. You can purchase a domain in a similar niche and then 301 redirect it to your domain. This is supposed to mimic a company buying out another company and then completing the online merger. Essentially, you add the history of both sites together.

Ex: MySuperSite8882.com buys out MySuperSitezzz.com and then 301s the domain to their own domain. This basically points all of its backlinks and power at it.

PBN – PBNs are a great way to pass an insane amount of juice to a money site. You can purchase expired or aged domains and rebuild them in order to push juice from their homepage to your money sites based on the backlinks they had historically. Any domain with preexisting links can be a PBN domain.

Ex: You buy mag77898.com which has 600+ clean referring domains to it and build it out as a PBN to point at your affiliate site. You now get the benefits of all that authority, power, and relevance.

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