SEO Content Writing Vs. SEO Copywriting: Understanding the Difference

SEO Content Writing. One of the most trending terms nowadays! And you will find this word in your job searches quite often, which gives it that so-called sophisticated look.

At the same time, another phrase that has topped the Google search over SEO content writing is SEO Copywriting. Another trending term! What exactly are these two terms after all? Is it really that difficult how they seem? Are both of them the same or different? And what exactly is this SEO in the first place? Are there any SEO writing courses available on the market?

Well, well…

You will get all your answers in this informative blog… let’s get on a ride…

What Is This SEO Thing After All?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization
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The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This literally means optimizing your content, so that it appears organically (that is, without paying to the search engine) on the first two pages of the search engine page. This in turn means that they are ranking higher on the keyword search.

to make it easier, just try doing this:

Add your desired keyword in Google search and check which results appear on the first page.

You will observe some results written as ‘Ad’ on top of the website, while others will not have any such thing mentioned.

So, the first category of searches comes under the paid search; whereas the second, which is indexed by the search engine organically or naturally, is known as the ‘Organic Search’!

And another thing which you can observe is that, as you move on to the pages beyond page 2 of the search results, you will notice, that most of the websites are irrelevant to the keyword, you had searched for!

So, this is what is the magic of SEO…. all those websites which appear on the first two pages, are highly optimized for the search engines. Thus the high-ranking results have both, quality content and perfect SEO optimization in them.

Is It Really Important to Optimize Your Web Content?

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Yes. If you and your website have to thrive in the competitive world of marketing, you need to be searched by search engines.

And the search engines can find you only when the content on your website has value for the readers/customers/ viewers.

So, even if you have great content, it will be of no use, if it is not backed by powerful search engine optimization.

This is the only way to get noticed and reach up to your desired customers. Please accept the hard truth! Furthermore, no-one goes beyond page three of the Google search ever!!

Even you do it yourself, right?

What Is SEO Content Writing? How to Do It?

What is SEO content Writing?
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Before understanding SEO content writing, let’s first see what is content writing.

Content writing is the process of outlining, drafting, editing, and publishing the information or content. This can be in any form, offline, online, blogs, articles, research papers, white papers, creative writing, and much more!

So, when we say, SEO Content writing, it is just implementing the SEO techniques to the content writing.

Thus, the first and the foremost thing you need for SEO content writing is:

You need to be a fine content writer first, i.e. you should be able to write engaging and valuable content, which is reader-friendly; which becomes possible firstly when you have a tact for it, and secondly when you practice it thoroughly.

Now you have to add your SEO skills to it.

One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that Search Engine Optimization can be done in two ways. That is On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

On-Page optimization

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It is done by working on your page itself. This can be achieved by doing the following things:

Off-PAge Optimization
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It is done by promoting your content on social media and adding external connections to your content. So this can be achieved by:

So by doing all these things, we are trying to fulfill the primary goals of SEO content writing like:

Thus, in summary, we can say that

SEO Content Writing is specialized for reaching the target audience and driving traffic to our website.

What Are the Different Job Roles the SEO Content Writer Can Take Up?

SEO Content writing vs. SEO Copywriting, SEO Copywriting, SEO Writing
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Since you have understood the basics of SEO content writing, you can now check out what exactly an SEO content writer can do?

So the role of SEO content writer includes but is not limited to:

So, remember that the primary responsibility of the SEO content writers is driving the traffic to the website via organic search!

What About SEO Copywriting Then?

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Well! Before understanding the meaning of SEO copywriting, we need to know what is copywriting.

Just try to hum your favorite childhood jingle of a TV commercial… or recollect the latest advertisement which has touched your heart… or try to think about the newsletters your inbox is filled with.. or the brochures you have received from your nearby boutique…

Yes! You guess it right!

All of these come under copywriting. Various forms though.

So, as per Wikipedia:

Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

The product of copywriting is known as the or sales copy’ or just the ‘copy’ and it is a form of content whose aim is to enhance the brand identity, to finally influence people to take a specific action, which is expected as the customer buying that particular product.

The most important thing to remember is that A successful copywriter is always a good seller!

So, What Are the Primary Job Roles of a Copywriter?

Copywriter jobs, Copywriting
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Now, when I say SEO Copywriting:

SEO copywriting is creating a captivating and valuable copy by targeting the relevant keywords and using other SEO techniques so that people are persuaded to purchase the product. Thus, their end goal is the conversion of the subscribers or visitors to the customers!

So, in other words, SEO copywriting is a process of creating a sales copy by stimulating the search engines to index you which will attract the traffic ad which in turn increases the sale of your brand/ product using an influential call-to-action.

Are SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting Different From Each Other?

SEO copywriting vs SEO Content Writing
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Let’s try to correlate it…

It’s like you can present a cupcake or a muffin or a banana cake for a high tea; but when it comes to Christmas, you need to have a plum cake; and when you want it for your birthday, has to be a birthday cake, with all tho creamy layers and all the decor, so that you have it first with your eyes!

That’s it!

So, your SEO content writing is like the tea cakes, they will engage you, but the SEO copy is like a birthday cake, which makes you have it immediately!

But, still, the thin line of demarcation between SEO Content writing and SEO copywriting lies in their purposes.

SEO content writing increases the flow of organic traffic to your website; whereas, SEO copywriting not only does this but also converts this traffic into the purchase, using the relevant keywords tactfully and creatively!

You will literally find many contradictory statements about both forms. According to many authors, both are one and the same, as SEO copywriting involves more SEO content writing than copywriting.

And whenever one has to increase his website’s sales, they have to hire an SEO copywriter specialized in a particular niche, like SEO Copywriters for Instagram marketing copy, for Facebook copy, for newsletters, so and so forth!

What Does the Job of an SEO Copywriter Involve?

Jobs for SEO Copywriter
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The SEO copywriter can do the following jobs perfectly:

They typically handle content like:

Tips to the SEO Copywriting

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As the difference between the three types of writings, i.e. copywriting, SEO content writing, SEO copywriting, is quite clear now, let’s see some tips to be a successful SEO copywriter:

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Where can I learn SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting?

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If you are a person who loves playing with words, and at the same time wants to accept challenges as making a product a hit, then you can bat freely in the fields of SEO content writing and SEO content writing.

And if you wish to learn them, you need to take up a relevant certification for the same!

There are many good Content Writing courses out there.

Not only you can learn the basic content writing course, but depending upon your further choice of content writing, you can join the advanced courses like Technical writing, Medical content writing, Instructional designing, Creative writing, etc.

If you think that the job profile of an SEO copywriter or SEO content writer seems is a perfect fit for you, then surely take up a good content writing or copywriting course.

What are the Best Courses for Content Writing?

There are many offline as well as online courses for Content writing.

I have listed the three best of the online content writing courses here for your reference:

This is one of the best content writing courses amongst many courses available currently.

The key benefits include the best in the industry trainers, constant support from the relationship managers, different forms of assignments, learning about 30+ content types, lifetime access to LMS, guaranteed internship and job support, and a chance to publish your content on the best platforms.

Visit the website to get into more details here.

2. Content Writing Course by IIMSkills:

This is another best online content writing course available in the market.

They provide you with the best skills needed for a successful content writer, lifetime access to LMS, guaranteed internship, and a chance to write on some renowned platforms.

3. Ninja Writing: Writing Skills, copywriting & Content Writing by Udemy:

This is a beginner-level course present on Udemy that helps in learning writing, copywriting, and content writing skills. Another best thing is that it is quite affordable!

You can get the details here: https://rb.gy/gjgsjq

You might be interested in finding more such courses. So, keep reading.

You can compare the two best courses.

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So keep learning and spreading the joy!! We will meet soon with another insightful article!

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1. Can an SEO content writer work as an SEO copywriter?

Ans. Yes, if the person has a strong SEO base, and if he has handled copywriting projects at some point in time, he can definitely work as an SEO copywriter.

Ans. Yes, if the person has a strong SEO base, and if he has handled copywriting projects at some point in time, he can definitely work as an SEO copywriter.

2. Are online SEO content writing and copywriting courses worth itit?

Ans. Yes, but you need to go through the reviews before selecting the correct content writing course.
You can visit this website for more details:

Ans. Yes, but you need to go through the reviews before selecting the correct content writing course.
You can visit this website for more details:

3. Is SEO copywriting a promising field w.r.t. the job prospects?

Ans. 100%! Any website or product is helpless without

Ans. 100%! Any website or product is helpless without

4. Are specialized courses like medical writing, academic writer, creative writing available online?

Ans. Yes, Henry Harvin Education provides all the advanced courses. You can visit their website for the same.

Ans. Yes, Henry Harvin Education provides all the advanced courses. You can visit their website for the same.

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