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If there is one sure thing about SEO, it is that it’s a changing landscape. With Google emphasizing on searcher satisfaction and search query matching, SEO has yet changed again through the course of 2019. SEO experts need to update their techniques in order to match advanced requirements from search engines like Google.

If the past year is any indication, 2020 has some already set measures when it comes to winning the SEO race. There might not be much new but just firmer implementation of already described set of priorities from Google. Here are some of the best SEO optimization trends for webmasters that will help in winning the race this year:

1: Content Quality Is Vital for Search Patterns

Content has always been important for SEO. It is the lifeblood of SEO and drives whatever campaigns webmasters have running. Search intent is the biggest ranking factor now for Google. Content on a page has to provide answers to search queries by users in the search engine.

Advanced Google algorithms now don’t evaluate keywords only but whole sentences in order to give ranking points. Google will only get better at understanding text-based content on pages and will rank them accordingly in SERPs. Websites must be able to write valuable content to get good at rankings.

2: Mobile Search Is the New Champ

Mobile searches have taken over desktop searches for a long time now. General users simply search for whatever they need from their smartphones today. Search engines like Google now analyze frequency of visitors on web pages via mobile and desktop devices. Ranking is given on the basis of this.

For mobile interfaces, convenience and quality of pages is checked. Main buttons, navigation bar, media, page loading speeds, text and other factors on mobile devices are all checked. Overall ranking is now highly dependent on mobile site quality as well. Site owners must focus on it properly.

3: Master Programming

SEOs are not programmers and we get that. Yet, SEOs in 2020 will have to get familiar with many aspects of programming. UX improvements, identifying page load speed problems, rewrite the links, fix video problems etc. will all have to be mastered by SEO this year.

Without such deep knowledge, it will get harder for SEOs to reach top results. Knowledge of robots.txt, redirects, internal site code, sitemap, microdata and more will play a vital role as well. Some of these can be quite difficult to learn but will have to be mastered in order to get great results.

4: Use Variable Content Types

SEO Texts are not the only content type you should be worrying about. There is a lot more to it when trying to gain consumer attention. Visual effects with content and search mechanisms, both are required to be accounted for when creating content.

Include catchy lines and images with texts with some attention-grabbing videos to keep users on your site. This would increase average time spent on your site and boost SEO rankings in turn. Don’t forget SEO friendly content as well. Everything needs to work just fine for a perfect ranking.

5: Updated Google Algorithms Need New Strategies

BERT came along just recently. Google has now become much cleverer in identifying website quality. Whatever content you have on your page, Google can now understand it in detail. Your website structure will play a vital role in getting those all-important ranking points too.

Content relevancy for focus keywords is of great significance as well. No longer can SEOs push keywords in content where they don’t make sense. As much sense content can make for users, better it will play for Google and search engines as well.

6: Voice Search Is the Future

There is no doubt that Voice Search is the future for search engines. It is fast becoming the go to feature for users. Voice searches are happening all over Google and websites today. SEOs must prepare their websites for voice searches accordingly in 2020 to get boosted quickly.

Voice searchers are often complete sentences compared to text searches that can be keywords or key phrases. Voice search queries optimization might be more difficult than text search, as the sentences will be longer, but it is all worth it when you consider the volume of voice searches today.

7: Geotargeting Is the Best Modern Approach

SEO has expanded beyond conventional estimates. Every business is now available online and looking to outrank competitors. Geotargeting narrows down the competition offering better chances of success to websites. This can also be beneficial for local business that also have a physical presence.

Geotargeting can be the best SEO approach ranking in Google and opening local business doors for customers. Google Local Map Listing Optimization is another area that should be looked into by SEOs in 2020. Local rankings can boost many businesses in Google and other search engines.

8: Extended Snippets in 2020

Featured Snippets provide quick information for users in Google searches. These can only be acquired with perfect website structures and also function as a parameter for SEOs. Click-less searching is fast becoming a thing and even more so on mobile where users just get the required information quickly.

Informative and query answering content is required for websites to feature in snippets. 2020 will expand this trend with many queries being answered by features snippets. SEOs need to add content that can get their websites highlighted through featured snippets.

9: Use Different Writing Techniques and Styles

2020 will be the year of text quality for sure. Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all other search engines now show only important content in their search results. Different writing styles on same page or site should help getting your content picked up by search engines like Google.

Content relativity and value are the two most important aspects for ranking in 2020. Be sure to include content in different forms and styles in order for your site to get ranked quickly.

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