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SEO is a changing landscape. Technical SEO even more so. SEO is of course an ongoing process that emphasis return on investment as compared to other digital marketing tracks. Where PPC takes a more direct approach and will cause budgets to tremble, SEO is easy on the wallet for business owners and sets in slowly but stays there for quite a while when done right.

Where in the past 5 years, SEO might have changed its face, more of it stays the same. Just refined! Google has been upgrading their game and turning attention towards user intent recently. However, SEOs from around the world can expect this trend to continue in 2020 and even boost around what user wants.

Here are some technical takeaways that will help SEOs do best in 2020 and hopefully years moving forward:

1: Google App Scripts – Automate, Create and Test with Them

Sheets data connector is one of the best hacks when looking to analyzing big data. Even if you have 1 million rows of data without SQL, making use of sheets data connecter can help analyzing it. You can do these with it:

All these can be done in sheets when you have the right skills for it. Some of the very practical every-day use cases for SEO experts include:

Verifying indexing and 301 targets with the same action:

Monitoring pages, comparing content on them and then caching:

Using bigML and SEMrush keyword data for machine learning classification:

2: Custom SEO Tools Are About to Become Even More Significant

SEO used to be a simple job. About a decade ago, all that really needed to be done was some on-page setting and you were good to go. Third-party tools are gaining significance by the day. New tools keep showing up and more authenticity is being gathered by older existing ones. Tools like SEMrush, Moz Pro and others provide great insights for webmasters managing more than one projects.

While Google Analytics continues to be the most precise tool in existence, not everyone will have access to it. Plus, every project needs to have its own Google Analytics situation going in. SEMrush and Moz Pro enable analysis of many projects simultaneously. For complete site audit, Screaming Frog is a great option for advanced tools.

Google Disavow manages to let go of links that might be causing penalties for your site. Ahrefs provides valuable insight into website performance on various platforms. You can check all your backlinks, traffic reports and more. UberSuggest by Neil Patel is also one of the better options available for keyword research. Keyword Planner is another great example.

At its core, SEO is getting so complex that keeping track of everything manually is become next to impossible. You will have to depend on tools in order to improve and track your progress in 2020. Be sure to get a few good ones to run your projects smoothly.

3: Search and Intent Based on Bias

We are all biased that reflects in what we buy, how we do work ethics and how our careers progress. This bias is also now being transferred into SEO indirectly. There are three main types of bias that all searchers observe regularly:

All three of these biased behaviors impact SEO and how SEO experts must operate in 2020. Presenting information in the right way that relates to cultural values in a language searcher prefers will become more important.

Depending on the market, SEO campaigns now have to be tailored to fit searcher biasness. This trend will pick up even more in 2020 and will become a major part of SEO in the future.

4: GoogleBot and JavaScript

Google has been integrating GoogleBots with JavaScript for quite some time now. There are many important developments in the matter. Latest Google’s Martin Splitt share included some modern takes. Some of which include:

On page layout is now having much more impact on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) than ever. Content quality and thresholds, contact points, page layouts and website structure will impact conversions. From a Google SEO perspective, this impact is fairly large and will drive SEO in 2020.

5: How (Almost) Everyone Is Doing Faceted Nav Wrong

From the offset (as most SEOs will know), Faceted Navigation is how we tell search engines which URLs we prefer them crawling. Unfortunately, a common misconception around faceted navs is that these are only suited for ecommerce sites. This ultimately leaves content rich destination sites susceptible to crawl risk.

Although, another thing to note is that when you have all pages on a large site with faceted navigation, crawl will take too long and will exceed profit parameters. In the best case, you would rather only have faceted navigation on pages that are most important guaranteeing them a crawl. In an ideal situation, you would rather Share data on pages that convert better via PPC or SEO making both sides aware of priorities.

6: Awesome Outreach Is Possible by Leveraging Machines

AI and machine learning are on the rise. Also, machine learning is based on practical workflows in all daily activities. Machine learning is complex and also very easy when you dig into it. Here are few important factors or ways you can involve it:

Machine learning can help with outreach regarding SEO for any project. Analyzing data through easy to understand graphic information is all you need to develop best outreach goals.

How Can www.seo.com.pk Help?

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