SEO and the Social Media Marketing World: What You Need to Know

With Google having over 90% of the world’s search engine market share, it’s wise to pay attention to how they rank websites. 

But Google rarely shares the secrets of its search algorithms. 

So how can you make the social media marketing world work for you?

If you’re fed up of throwing posts onto social media and getting no returns, it’s time to put in place a real social media marketing strategy. Understanding how social media and SEO work together is the key to the conundrum. 

So let’s break it down. 

What Is The Social Media Marketing World?

Social media marketing is the act of using social channels to connect with your audience and make your business more visible. 

If you sell ping pong tables, then creating a Facebook page filled with photographs and tips will help create a community that loves your brand. 

We all know that modern society spends an awful lot of time on social media. Going to your audience allows your visibility to be boosted far more than by having a nice website. 

Why Using Social Media for SEO Will Boost Your Traffic

Let’s look at how using social media as SEO works in two major search engines. 


Google has said that social media account metrics (such as follower counts) don’t affect search engines rankings.

But does that mean that a social media marketing plan won’t do anything for SEO? Nope. 

SEO helps your business appear in Google when people search for something related. Without social media channels, your only chance to pop up is via your website. 

When you have an active social media presence however, your social channels can pop up too. The more content you have across different websites, the more chance you have of popping up in search engines. 


Bing has over 6% of US searches and while that doesn’t sound like much, Bing actually sees 500 million searches every month in the US. 

And you know what? Bing does say that social media shares help SEO. 

Social Media as Search Engines

It’s important to remember that social media channels are search engines too. If someone types in ‘how to polish your car’ into Youtube, a company selling car polish can be found if they’ve posted a video on just that. 

How to Use Social Media for SEO

There are two keys angles to focus on in your social media marketing campaign. Firstly, understand that having active social channels will help your social accounts show up on Google. The top hit might be your business’s Twitter page even if it’s not your website. 

Secondly, understand that social media platforms are search engines too. SEO on these platforms means you have the opportunity to appear in searches directly within those websites. 

Above all, post high-quality content. This will interest readers and make them more likely to link to your output. Backlinks play a hugely important role in SEO and getting great links to your content is a coveted achievement. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s so much expert help out there. This SEO company offers smart and effective campaigns that boost your ranking. 

SEO and Social Media Are Closely Intertwined

It’s easy to think about SEO as a ‘Google thing’ but a good social media marketing strategy sees SEO across the whole web.

To stay ahead in the social media marketing world, you need to remember that social platforms are search engines in their own right. 

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