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As a business owner or a search engine marketing professional, there is no worse feeling than to have no leads and customers coming your way. Despite you spend thousands of dollars on your outbound marketing or cold calling, the most phenomenal leads generation can be accomplished using inbound marketing tactics and search engine optimization SEO. There are people who may give you foolish advice regarding not to use Google AdWords for a couple of reasons. This article will however explain you the opposite reasons why you should increase the use of Google AdWords for getting more leads for your business. So let us get to the point quickly.

Why People get scared of using Google AdWords

A 2015 article on Forbes states some ridiculous reasons that scared many digital marketers and entrepreneurs not to use Google AdWords. The top reasons listed were as follows:

Even this article on Forbes was almost 5 years old; people in 2020 still believe that these reasons should keep them away from using Google AdWords for lead generation. Now let us clear your mind of doubts and explain you the truth about Google Ad words because these points are completely inaccurate and you can still boost your business quickly using Google Adwords. Even though your digital marketing company may not afford millions of dollars budget for marketing or ad spending, you can learn from our post to make things better for your business.

Reasons for using Google AdWords for your Business Promotion

1: You only pay for Quality Clicks

The number one misconception about Google Ad words is that you pay for all the clicks with pay-per-clicking. However, the truth is, you only pay for a keyword you strategically bid on. For example, if you are a SEO consultant and want to boost your leads for the clients near you, then you can use only those relevant keywords and bid on them. That way, you will only get charged when someone clicks on your digital marketing agency advertisement and visits your website through that click.

The Economic Impact Report published by Google reveals that businesses are making about $2 for every $2 they spend on Google AdWords. In addition, there is no other type of advertisement on the planet where the intent of purchase for the people is higher. When you use Google AdWords, your potential clients are already looking out for you and your skills to boost their businesses. They are already typing and searching the keywords that your advertisement is all about. Therefore, a wise strategy is to only populate those keywords in your Ad that are most relevant to your niche or business.

2: You can also Compete with the Large Companies

The second misconception about Google AdWords is that there is difficult chance that you can compete with the big companies. In the 90s, businesses needed a huge budget for the traditional TV and radio ads to go on air; however, now you can simply start on Google AdWords by just spending as little as $200. You can start with even less budget theoretically, but a recent article on “Entrepreneur” recommends at least $300 for the businesses to start their campaigns. The main reason for allocating at least $300 for AdWords is that it allows businesses to generate enough clicks and data to drive conversions.

The Entrepreneur reveals that 45% of small businesses are already using pay per click advertisement. The way becomes smooth once you start generating more conversions for your SEO business. There is no denying of this type of advertising because the big giants have a less chance to restrain you from growing if you have proper planning in place.

Moreover, the beauty of Google AdWords is that you can easily track the performance of your campaign once that campaign is successful. You are ready to earn profits once the campaign is little successful and can track your marketing performance. These metrics will help you to invest more in the Google AdWords campaign, and don’t forget if you ever run out of budget for Google Ad words, then all you have to do is to press a button to stop it.

3: You Should Get Creative and Use Limited Characters

The third misconception will be cleared here because people are more likely to be obsessed with the score of Google AdWords. Most people think that if they do not place the exact keywords in their marketing campaign, they will not get a higher quality score for Ad words. However, this can also be handled in a successful way. Let us reveal to you how.

Suppose you are bidding on a term “SEO and social media marketing services” in the title of their ads, then there is nothing that will make your ad different from the other ads in the competition. Therefore, the rule is to play differently and do not make your ad as similar to others. Use different keywords and make your ad look unique to get more leads.

4: Mistakes Cannot Stop you from Using Google AdWords

Yes, a few mistakes can cost you dearly because according to a recent Google report, 60% of AdWords budgets of companies are wasted due to making silly mistakes. If you keep making these mistakes, they can cost you highly and break your AdWords campaigns permanently. Then the best strategy is to use the services of a PPC expert; the rule is simple, if you don’t have experience of doing anything, then doesn’t try it yourself. Hire an expert who can handle things differently. Here are the biggest mistakes marketers make that ruins their AdWords campaigns:

5: The Ad Should Fit your Niche, but Not Compulsory

If you think of a search keywords or phrase that will help customers learn more about your SEO agency, then you can have a greater advantage on Facebook or social platforms. Relevant keywords help thousands of businesses and small firms to reap the benefits of relevant keywords. Therefore, the right keywords can make AdWords goldmine for your businesses. However, if you want to start on AdWords, then you can start in less than an hour. Even though you do not use the exact keywords for your niche, the campaign can work and generate more leads.

The Conclusion

Now that you know how Google AdWords can be used wisely to propel your business to the next level, it is time to let go of the old thoughts and start again with a fresh perspective about growing your business with Google AdWords. This marketing option is open for small businesses that can make it big with AdWords and generate thousands of leads if executed properly.

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