SEO Agency Pakistan | Advanced LinkedIn Ad Targeting Tools Every Marketer should use in 2020

LinkedIn is far more superior social networking tool for the professionals around the globe than any other platform to enhance their knowledge and gain access to variety of information to excel in their careers. LinkedIn is not only a social networking platform for searching jobs and competent professionals for building relationships; it rolls out many new features and tools for digital marketers to help them reach the right audience. In this post, we will talk about the most beneficial LinkedIn social media marketing tools that can assist marketers understand the results of their paid advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn Audience Forecasting Tool: A handy feature for Marketers

On October 1st, 2019, LinkedIn announced the release of new innovative tool for digital marketers to help them better understand their paid advertisement results via Audience Forecasting tool. The tool allows marketers more robust audience forecasting by providing them enhanced demographic reporting facilities. Last October, LinkedIn introduced a new segment breakdown feature to its forecasting tool. Segment breakdown options include function, seniority, years of experience, company size, industry and interests. Instead of a general overview of the projected audience size. With this handy tool, now marketers are better able to make estimates of their target audiences by using the dashboard and creating ads.

The New Boolean Logic used by the Marketers

If you have not been a mathematics student in the college, don’t worry about the concept of Boolean knowledge. Boolean logic uses And / OR quires that can help marketers on LinkedIn to refine their search or targeting an audience by combining their common elements of LinkedIn profile. Such elements can include job roles and functions of your target audience, seniority level, experience, skill, and industries served. You can incorporate these elements and create a single campaign; LinkedIn also teaches you via video lessons how Boolean queries are used to enhance your target audience.

For example, if you are targeting marketing professionals on LinkedIn, then you can target engineering in the job titles and narrow down your audience search. Used wisely, this handy tool can improve the success of your marketing campaigns.

How to play with the New Demographic Reporting Feature

LinkedIn has offered demographic reporting feature recently that includes reporting, job title, seniority level, companies, and industries that your audience has clicked on. The new demographic tool is enhanced by LinkedIn and it is more powerful now to provide the relevant audience information based on their demographic and based on the type of content they have interacted with. Therefore, if you are looking to scale your digital marketing outcome, then you should learn how to use the new demographic feature of LinkedIn for marketers.

Precision Targeting Tool

With the advent of Facebook marketing, LinkedIn has also incorporated innovative feature for helping digital marketers get the most out of their campaigns. Boolean targeting tool works as same as the precision targeting tool. Previously, in the absence of this tool, advertisers had to go through a tough time and could only use a single campaign to reach the audience who were for example directors. Now with the powerful tool advertisers are able to utilize a single campaign to find out the people who are directors in their organizations in any job function.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

As far as LinkedIn demographic reporting is concerned, the social media platform is improving significantly with its current demographic reporting capabilities. Now the new reporting feature can provide insights into people who are watching different video ads or filling out the lead generation forms. This data is useful for the marketing personnel interested in lead generation techniques. They can also understand from this data which professionals on LinkedIn can become quality leads and offer an insight needed to make strategic decisions and adjustments to ad campaigns. The good news is that such updates are not available to a specific set of people; they are available to all advertisers on LinkedIn.

Choose Managed Campaigns and Self Service

If you think LinkedIn is a less-than-effective marketing platform for advertisers, we can show you rethink your strategy to streamline your advertising results. LinkedIn is just as powerful as Facebook and Twitter when it comes to marketing results and understanding the tactics of LinkedIn marketing features. It is all-in-one platform that allows marketers to get started on self service campaigns using features such as text ads and sponsored content. You can use the Campaign Manager to run and configure advertisements on LinkedIn; it helps you to monitor your marketing progress day by day as well.

If you want more strategic advice that aims to attract huge audience, then you should use account-managed LinkedIn advertisement. This feature helps you to attract premium audience on the social media platform and connects you with experts and dedicated people on LinkedIn to help you out during each phase of marketing. Therefore, from target audience to optimization process, LinkedIn is all in one supportive and lucrative marketing platform to boost your advertising campaigns.

It is much easier to get started with campaign manager that becomes the center of your advertising activity. There, you will be able to view much detailed results of your advertisements and how they are performing on the social media platform. It shows details such as demographics of the members who clicked on your ads; helps engagement with the sponsored content, and much more.

Choose a format of Ad Perfectly

You are the boss of the LinkedIn marketing campaign, you can decide whether you should choose text ads or sponsored content, or both for your LinkedIn marketing campaign. Sponsored content can be viewed easily on the member’s feeds whether they are using a laptop computer or a desktop; however, the sponsored content can promote your very best performing ads by promoting your company page. You can make those updates easily by hitting with your existing followers so that they can pull in a large audience to boost your marketing campaigns. Text ads option is also effective that is displayed on the side, bottom, or top of LinkedIn member’s feed; you must keep your marketing content short and use visual imagery to improve the results.

Create Great Marketing Ads

For the purpose of adding a sponsored content on LinkedIn, you can present or showcase your organization effectively by creating a fresh sponsored content. According to Neil Patel, the SEO guru, a good strategy is to create multiple copies of sponsored content to be on the creative side and get the optimum results. For the text advertisements, the strategy can be slightly different as you can open the ad by specifying a particular link.

How to Target your Ads on LinkedIn

One of the biggest benefits of using LinkedIn for advertisement is being able to target audience based on self reported information. You are the one who is going to decide your marketing strategy and choose a criteria, the rest will be done by the Campaign Manager who will show you the estimated target audience size in right sidebar. Moreover, Campaign manager is also helpful in selecting a right budget for advertising because you can choose an option from bid ranges for displaying ads.

We hope these tips will encourage you to leverage your advertisement campaign with LinkedIn powerful features and tools that ensure greater engagement and brand success. Contact www.seo.com.pk now to get professional assistance for all LinkedIn Targeting Ad Campaigns for your business.

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