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Ways To Get Backlinks

The best way to get a backlink is for it to happen naturally by producing quality content that people want to share. However, this isn’t always workable, especially for newer sites. New sites can produce great content, and more often than not it won’t get seen. Listed below are some ways to get backlinks 

Now that you know how to get backlinks, you will want to focus on how you use the Anchor text. Years ago you would want to use the exact keyword anchor text in the link you got. Now if you do that, it’s considered spamming and you will get penalized for it. You want your website backlink profile to look natural such as using branded anchors such as your company name or a version of the domain name. 

What is Anchor Text And How It Helps With SEO

Anchor text is the clickable text that that you see in a link. Let’s go over an example and hopefully it gives you a better understanding. You can view Local Dudes as a marketing company and wanted to share our marketing services with you. I would create an internal link like this marketing services. The first part is the web page the link points at. The clickable part is the anchor text.

Now that you understand what anchor text is lets go over what are internal, external and incoming links. An internal link is a link coming from within your site. Your navigation is a form of internal links. When using internal links for search engine optimization purposes I would focus on placing them within your website’s content such as a blog post and have it link to other relevant pages within your site. When done correctly internal links are a grand way to spread domain authority amongst the important pages on your website. 

External links are when your website links out to another site. Which is fine, you can do this as long as you are ranking out to relevant sites? If you will link out make sure it’s providing value to readers. If it doesn’t provide value, then don’t link out. 

Incoming links are like the holy grail of links. These types of links provide the most SEO value, especially when coming from quality sites. Your goal is to get these links naturally from the content build. However, new companies or small businesses rarely have the resources for this. 

This is where using an SEO marketing company such as Local Dudes comes in handy. We know to create great content and find relevant incoming link opportunities..

Understanding Your Websites Backlink Profile

To do SEO, you really need to understand what a good backlink profile looks like. Those of you who don’t know what your backlink profile is it’s all the incoming links that point to your site. You will want most of these links branded or naked URL links. Think about backlinks where created so you could share and promote content. Therefore, it is natural for branded links to be the highest percentage of incoming links. 

Exact match anchor text is the most powerful type when done correctly. These types of backlinks, when coming from quality sites provide the biggest boost to your SEO rankings However, overuse of them will have a negative effect. Each niche varies on the amount of exact keyword anchor text used. To determine the optimal amount, you need to do a competitive analysis of the sites that rank well for those specific keywords and how often they use them. 

Now that I have bored you to death on this subject, just kidding. I hope you find the content useful. I shared the secret sauce on how we work on our SEO campaigns. I did this to prove to you we know what we are talking about. As a favor to us, we ask that you look over SEO services. If you have questions shoot us a message, we are always here to help. 

Small Business SEO Services Designed To Help You Grow

Do you require expert help? We are a small business SEO company in San Diego, California. We will gladly lend you a helping hand on any of your digital marketing needs. With over 16 years of internet marketing experience, we know the ins and outs of SEO. Our expert staff will learn the specifics of your business and will select a strategy that fully meets your marketing objectives, budget needs, and goals. 

 We design our small business SEO services help you grow at a pace you can afford. We created local Dudes Marketing on the premise of helping other businesses grow. You ask yourself who needs the most help to grow, and the answer is simple small businesses. We enjoy the challenge of working with these types of companies. Our goal is to be the marketing extension to your business and. You hired us to help your company grow and that exactly what we plan to do. 

Local SEO San Diego 

We offer local San Diego SEO services. You more than likely found our company through a search on Google or Bing. Local search engine optimization has distinct advantages compared to when marketing your business nationally. 

Local SEO is great, but some smaller niches might not provide enough traffic to make running a campaign worthwhile. If the estimated traffic numbers are high enough we would proceed by optimizing your website’s content to reflect the cities you want to target. 

SEO Marketing Strategy 
As mentioned above we offer Local SEO services targeting the city of San Diego. However, if you’re a company looking to grow, we can market your company nationally. To move forward, we would need to discuss your marketing goals. We would do some research to figure out the best strategy for your company. It’s our job to ensure your marketing campaigns are a success.  

National marketing is on a much grander scale. It provides businesses with a larger reach to a new audience. The benefits of doing search engine optimization on a national level are higher amounts of website traffic and broader brand exposure. These types of keywords are more competitive and will take longer to achieve top SERP rankings.

White Hat Organic SEO 

We use a white hat SEO approach for all of our projects. This means we don’t spam or keyword stuff content that we create. We take the same approach to our backlink building. The backlinks we get for our clients are done via guest post outreach service on relevant websites.          

Doing SEO organically allows us to ensure that your website won’t get penalized by the search engines. This way, we can promise that your website rankings will endure future updates. We don’t waiver from these beliefs and always have your long-term success in mind.

We Are An Organic SEO Agency

At Local Dudes Marketing, we use only strategies approved by search engines (white hat SEO). Our SEO company will help you get quality links from reputable resources, reinforcing the authority of your website and strengthening its credibility. We do not spam or make unrealistic promises that we know we can’t live up to. 

Being a small business just like you we are working hard to build up credibility and taking shortcuts or blatant spamming would hurt our reputation. So we take a holistic approach to search engine optimization campaigns. People have referred to us as an organic SEO agency and would be pleased if that’s how you viewed us.

Just because we believe in a spam-free approach to SEO marketing doesn’t mean we can’t provide high rankings for your site. Many think our white hat approach will cost more, but that’s not true. In fact, using an organic approach to search engine optimization, you will see better results over the long haul. Plus, you will avoid penalties from the major search engines.  

What To Expect From Your Local San Diego SEO Marketing Company

We are not your typical SEO company; we are a boutique shop focused on helping small to medium-size businesses grow their online presence. We have over 16 years of industry experience in ranking website within Google and Bing. Listed below is what you can expect when working with us. 

Our services start at an affordable rate of $350 per month for smaller websites. If your business operates in a highly competitive market, we will have to discuss the pricing with you. We require a 3-month commitment this how long it usually takes to see some positive results with our SEO services. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t happen overnight, but we promise after 90 days you will see significant ranking improvement.

You may opt for on-site, offsite SEO, or the entire package for your website. No matter what option you choose, we guarantee to use the best practices to make your platform thrive. If you require customized services, we’ll readily tailor our offer to fit your specific needs and objectives.

Are you the person who wants to do the work himself or conserve costs by bringing the work in house, then I would suggest visiting our San Diego SEO Consulting services. We can answer your search engine optimization questions or even teach how to perform SEO on your website. 

Contact Local Dudes your leading San Diego SEO company today and receive a free on-site audit analysis.

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