Routee Infographic | 8 Tips to Make Awesome Email Campaigns

In this infographic video concerning Email Messaging you’ll get 8 awesome tips on how to make distinguished campaigns!

Make your promotional email a winner by following these simple yet effective tips:

1)Send Emails during off-peak hours
2)Customize your content per recipient
3)Keep it short and crisp
4)Choose clever titles
5)Make sure your content is the right content
6)Make it look good
8)Use tracking software to collect data

Send Transactional and Promotional Emails with Routee and master the most used channel to communicate with your customers.

Pick the template, personalize the content, get the feedback and report. Optimize your campaign with Routee!

Take advantage of our easy-to-use platform and start sending highly effective and fancy emails.

Why do it with Routee:

•High delivery rates
•Huge Collection of email templates
•Automation tools available
•Test before you campaign
•Open Rates/ Click through rates

See more benefits and features about Promotional Email here:

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