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How to manage SEO activities?

SEO and content audits are the first steps you should take. To determine your objectives and learn how to increase your online brand visibility, you need to see your website’s current condition, positions in the search results, errors, and aspects that require immediate improvement. Thanks to knowing the situation from the very outset, you’ll be able to easily establish the results of the implemented modifications. And there are plenty of elements you need to get rid of – duplicate content, broken links, no metadata, and many, many more. Trust us, there are no websites that don’t require any improvements.

When the SEO audit is conducted, the appropriate division of tasks and roles becomes the real key to success. Just like with any other project, you know what needs improvement so now delegate tasks to appropriate persons. Specific employees have to be responsible for specific updates. These will include changes in the code, design, and structure of your website. Moreover, the page content needs to be refined so roll up your sleeves and collect a team of external or internal experts.

The SEO team

To ensure that the SEO activities of your brand make sense, you need specialists from various company departments or external employees hired for special tasks. The team should include salespersons and new business managers who usually communicate directly with your potential and current customers. At this point, you also can’t forget about marketers and copywriters creating quality and SEO-friendly content that is frequently searched for and read by users. In the end, you’ll also need IT specialists who will improve your website code, accelerate its operation, and make it mobile-friendly.

Online tools for SEO management

Once you’ve determined SEO activities that need to be performed and collected a team that will implement them, it’s time to divide tasks. To make sure that nothing skips your mind and that all deadlines and expectations are met, take advantage of one of the online project management tools mentioned below. They may come in handy especially in the coronavirus pandemic time when many companies work remotely and the reality isn’t likely to change soon.

What are the expected functionalities of an online SEO process management tool?

So which tools offer this range of functionalities and support the management of SEO processes? Keep reading!

1. Asana

Asana is a free (up to 1000 tasks) project management tool that offers all the functionalities described above. Moreover, it’s possible to easily integrate it with Google solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox.

2. Trello

Trello is very user-friendly and enables creating a few boards where you can easily divide tasks among different teams. Moreover, this platform has a mobile version thanks to which you can monitor the progress of conducted SEO activities on your tablet or smartphone. This tool is extremely useful in the ongoing era of home offices.

3. ClickUp

An excellent, clear interface, colorful and comprehensible task statuses, lists, and tables that are easy to organize – these are the identification marks of ClickUp. What’s more, as part of the tasks you can create a database of documents (it’s free up to 100 megabytes) and objectives.

4. Monday

Monday is an online project management tool characterized by the eye-catching graphic interface used by brands like Coca-Cola, Deezer or Discovery. It can be integrated with hundreds of platforms and applications popular on the market.

5. OpenProject

The basic version of OpenProject is available for free. Apart from the must-have functionalities listed above, the platform supports the most popular agile project management methods – Scrum and Kanban.

If you want to access more project management tools, benefit from AlternativeTo. This is a platform that provides alternative solutions and other applications that can replace popular software like Trello, Asana, or anything else you use in your company.

SEO process management tools – which one to choose?

Which tool is the best? Similarly to ad configuration, mailing creation, or SEO activities, there’s no one good solution. To find the most suitable tool, try out various possibilities and select the tool that works best for you and your team. One can be stated for sure, efficient SEO process management means better and quicker results from your hard work. Benefit from the potential and support offered by one of the abovementioned tools and you’ll certainly see a difference.

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