Press Releases – Do They Still Have SEO Value?

SEO experts have an entire arsenal of digital marketing techniques and tools that they use to improve pagerank and get attention for websites that can result in higher traffic and more business for the brand.

Among them is the press release, an underused item that is worth looking into.

Used correctly, SEO specialists find these marketing pieces have proven to be very effective in creating awareness and bringing in new customers.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is an official announcement put out by a company about current company news, usually published to a press release website or news aggregator.

The purpose of this piece is to attract the attention of the media and other interested parties so they will spread the word about what has been announced in the press release.

How Can Press Releases Benefit SEO?=

Though they have not been utilized so much largely because many business owners do not know how to use them, SEO experts find that a properly executed press release can benefit companies in a few ways:

  • Build Credibility – Press releases published by other websites build credibility for the companies that issue them since other outlets have found the release relevant and interesting enough to publish it.

The One Negative When Using Press Releases

As beneficial as press releases seem to be, there is one common issue that causes many to not provide any of those benefits which is that poor-quality release is viewed as being nothing more than spam.

To get the attention of other websites and convince them to pass along the message and backlink, SEO experts cannot stress enough that the release has to be properly executed or it will be ignored by media outlets and interpreted as spam by the search algorithm.

This happens all too often when digital marketers turn what is supposed to be a press release into more of a newsletter featuring multiple items or long-winded content that takes too long to read.

Publishing too many news pieces is another reason why press releases can be viewed as being spammy and get overlooked.

Avoiding the Spam Pitfall With Press Releases

The trick in getting maximum benefit from a press release and avoiding the chance that it will be interpreted as mere spam is to understand the purpose of these pieces and create them properly.

Whether posted on a company website or on a press release site, SEO specialists need to generate short, concise content that is interesting yet also to the point.

Additionally, press release pages should contain a nofollow link so that media and websites looking to forward the announcement can do so by linking to the actual website or blog post detailing the news information.

As such, the best way to create an effective press release is to publish only actual news that other people will find interesting, have an attention-grabbing headline, keep the text concise, and then distribute it only to those relevant sites where other outlets can see it.

Limit releases to actual important happenings and provide them in a way that will encourage readership investigation so they will do more for the issuing company.

Effective Press Releases Can Help SEO

A good way for any business to expand its digital marketing audience is with a well-written press release published to an appropriate press release distribution site.

SEO experts find that executed correctly, press releases provide yet another way for companies to get free or low-cost exposure and high-quality backlinks to improve their websites.

Any business can benefit from these marketing pieces by hiring an SEO specialist experienced in press release writing and distribution!

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