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Let us suppose that there is a business. It has been functioning well and the customers are satisfied. Suddenly they are penalised by Google for plagiarism and for using black hat SEO techniques. From that day onwards the CEO and the founders lose hope as a negative reputation starts building around their company’s name. Due to that the customers stop being loyal to the business and start searching for better sellers. All this leads to a downward spiral which destroys the business as the owners don’t take proactive action since they don’t know how to go about it. If you know Dreamworth Solutions, then you also know that apart from being the best online marketing agency in Pune, they are excellent for helping you get around and recover from Google penalties. There is always a need to take experts opinion as it can help you save your position, time as well as Google Penalties. Before moving ahead, you must have a clear idea of what a Google penalty is!

Let us understand what Google penalty is actually. For most of you, you probably won’t even realise that you have been charged for Google penalty or you are doing acts that might lead to a situation in which you are penalised for it. Thus it is important to be cautious as it takes longer to build a brand and only minutes or one small adverse act to destroy the brand. Everyone who knows about Digital medium and its importance must agree to the essence of brand ranking on the search engines and its impact on the sustainability of the market.

Any unethical method of publishing content on your website or any action that leads to spam is penalised by Google. Their penalty results in lower ranking for your business or de-ranking. You can be penalised by Google if you are following any black hat SEO techniques just to get more customers and higher ranking, if you don’t adhere to Google’s guidelines, the quality of your content is sub-par to low, your content is duplicate and if you use a lot of unrelated links and post spam. All these reasons may debar you from a lot of public views and you may be blacklisted or completely removed. While you are on the internet, it is sensitive as Google has a lot of mechanisms such as Panda, Hummingbird etc. which it employs to find out about such unethical users. Besides, would you want to find yourself in the negative books of Google?

Unless you are in touch with firms that offer content marketing services in Pune such as Dreamworth Solutions, chances of you knowing how to recover from these penalties are very low. With Dreamworth, you can be completely be assured of the quality of the content. The specialised team is well experienced to showcase your services with the better framing of the words. The other important feature you can enjoy with the experts on your side is that you will be always loved and preferred by various major search engines. Content plays an important to make your website rank high with a great consistency. Apart from offering a good quality of content, they can also help you in your technical crisis. There are a few ways such as manual penalty recovery and algorithm penalty recovery. In case of the Manual method, you need to clean up all spam links and duplicate content and keep sending reconsideration mails to Google until they accept your request. This may take longer, so it requires your patience. Algorithm penalty recovery requires you to clean up your SEO and start posting original content. If you continuously do this and instead follow the white hat SEO then chances are that you may be freed from the Google penalty.

In this process, it is a good idea to avail these services from an SEO provider in Pune rather than just do it yourself because they have experience and specialisation. Dreamworth Solutions can help you with this; all you need to do is approach them. The experts in this team are well aware of the latest trends and insights of Digital market that can help you to solve your problems. If you wish to bring a change in your business, bring the change with us!

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