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You have a beautiful and well organized website, but how is your content? The content is the reason you get visitors to your site. So, it has to be informative and useful.
A content is considered as a rich content when it includes phrases and words frequently used in the industry or niche. What a better way to evaluate your content than to consult the activity of your competitors? Tracking your competitors activity will let you know if the content you are providing is relevant. So, do some research, become an expert on the subject. The better you know about your field of activity, the better content you will provide.

Providing informational content is linked to this section. You may be an expert in your field but do not correctly address to your readers. Talking to a 50-year-old is not the same as talking to a young student. Our recommendation: familiarize yourself with your audience, don’t hesitate to use their language. Take your time to identify your readers before you start writing.

The keywords are the same words used on users “questions” or requests in search engines; after being found (by the bots) on your website, show them on the search engines results pages. So, yes, they are very important. Now, they have to be used sparingly, like everything. Don’t fill all your phrases with keywords, your content will lose its naturalness and will seem forced. So, what can you do? Use synonyms, definitions, replace text with some icon (when it is relevant, of course)…

Make sure keywords about your sector of activity are found in the following places:

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