PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign Services | SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Services

We will help you choose relevant keywords and manage your bids to assure optimum rates of pay-per-click. SEO experts at Smartinfosys.net have years of experience and we know which keywords are truly impacting on visitors’ minds and your pocket. For example, “Get targeted traffic” is much more efficient than “Increase traffic” though it may cost less as it is more specific keyword. We understand this difference and fill the gap with smarter keyword selection during PPC campaign.

Ad creation:

SEO expert content writers will create compelling ad copy to entice maximum visitors to click your ad and go through the link to ensure maximum conversions, not just clicks. You have only few characters to pitch users with your advertisement and that’s where expertise pays off. For example, “Low cost waterproof tents for family camping. Free shipping.” may be a more enticing statement for a tent advertisement than “Wide variety of waterproof tents for family camping.” Copy-writing experts will find potential of your product/service and craft an appealing Ad description.

– Search engines and websites offer an excessive list of keywords for which you can get paid listing positions, called as sponsored results (generally displayed on top/side/bottom of organic results).

– For each keyword, interested advertisers place their bids.

– Bid pricing depends upon competition and importance of keyword.

– When users search on search engines for these keywords, they will also find PPC ads among organic search results. Each time users visit/click an ad, the advertiser is charged amount equal to agreed-on pay-per-click.

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