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With our monthly roast webinar on SEO hosted on YouTube, we hope to close the gap among SEO webinars.

The Surfer co-founder, Michał Suski, uses his vast experience to analyze the pages sent to him by the audience. With the Surfer tool, he performs a quick yet thorough SEO research, identifies the room for improvement, and answers questions.

The purpose of the webinar is to deliver actionable tips on how to rank higher in Google. Whether it’s about improving your SERP position now or devising a long-term search engine optimization strategy, we hope to help all digital marketers, SEO content marketing specialists, and business owners learn more about on-page SEO, maximize business results and help the businesses grow.

Based on up-to-date examples, you will get information on the quickest yet most efficient on-page SEO tricks. Backlinks might be the backbone of SEO and can help you strengthen your domain, but without a proper on-page content strategy, you’re missing traffic and wasting your business resources. Michał will also easily explain the difficult SEO concepts.

Topics also include the nooks and crannies of the Surfer tools, which will help you perform quick, accurate website audits. We always use the freshest version of Surfer, so no news nor updates will escape you!

Our tool is based on the real-time data and analytics for specific keywords, not the “best practices”, so you can rest assured the knowledge we serve is pure value.

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