Multilingual Link Building Service + Multilingual SEO Guide

Why build multilingual links?

Why do international brands need more than just a multilingual site?

A recent study of a million search results in Google showed that the number one factor that correlates with position is backlinks to the page.  Google’s RankBrain algorithm can also easily tell which language backlinks come from and it’s therefore essential that backlinks are in the same language as the page being linked to.  A site with hundreds of quality English links, but no French or German links, for example, would rank well in the UK or USA, but not rank well in France or Germany.

Our SEO agency offers multilingual link building in 6 languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.  These links, in the form of guest posts, infographics and your social media profiles will be the first contact some customers have with your business. For these to be effective, you need to win your customer’s trust, convince them that you understand their needs and explain how your product or service meets those needs and you need to start this process before they arrive on your site.

Essential site structure tips to get right first

For a multilingual SEO campaign to work, it’s essential that each page on your site has its own unique URL (web address).  Some sites use Cookies to register the visitor’s language preference and this is fine if they’re used in conjunction with a redirect to a specific URL, however if the content on the page changes, but the URL doesn’t, unfortunately this will be a significant problem for your SEO, as Google will only show that page in one language. 

Google also treat hashtags in the URL as part of the same page, so if your page structure is page-1#fr for French pages and page-1#de for German pages, Google will see them as one and the same.  This needs fixing before you start your link building campaign.

It’s equally valid to use a sub-folder (e.g. /fr for French, /de for German, etc.) or a separate domain for each language and you might want to view our tips on choosing a multilingual domain name infographic, if you decide to go with separate domain names for each language.  Either way, this gives a clear target for each language, with a unique home page for it.

Indigoextra’s SEO service in Europe

Where your website is active in more than one country and more than one language, it’s vital that your international SEO partner is able to provide a truly multilingual link building service.  Without the ability to provide multilingual links, you may find that your website does well in one language zone but that this success is not mirrored in other countries, even if the content of your site itself is fluently translated.

Indigoextra’s multilingual link building capability provides a truly international SEO service in six different European languages.  Our content writers are native speakers in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish and, with original, targeted and well-constructed copy, we are able to ensure that your website reaps the benefits of our highly effective SEO programme in whatever European jurisdiction your company is active.

Indigoextra ensures that the content used for link building is totally original and of the highest calibre in order to ensure that traffic is effectively directed to your website.

We provide the following services:

High authority guest bloggingHigh Authority Guest Blogs
We will research your industry, write original articles and place them on high authority, high traffic, language specific and relevant blogs, linking back to your site, giving you referral traffic and an SEO boost. We have built relationships with hundreds of bloggers and webmasters in 6 European languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, so using our service will save you significant time and give you a good return on investment.

Infographic Design and Marketing
A picture is worth a thousand words and an infographic merges pictures, text and data to educate readers and guide them through the buying process.  We will design branded infographics in your chosen language(s) and share them on related blogs and popular social media sites, with a link back to your site.

Link Baiting
If you have great content on your site, people are more likely to spontaneously link to it.  We will create exciting, image-rich content, promote it and encourage potential customers to share it.

Premium Directory Submissions
We will submit your site to the top country specific directories in Europe, the USA or Canada.

Multilingual Social Media Marketing
We will create (if necessary) and manage social media profiles in each language, writing a healthy mix of content that engages the reader.

International optimisation service providers with a detailed knowledge of the techniques required to deliver real and lasting results are few and far between.  If you’re looking for a creative partner with the ability to deliver high quality multilingual content with the benefits of effective international SEO, talk to the team at Indigoextra to see how we can help you.

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