Monitoring SEO Performance. SEO Case Studies by Joanna Vaiou

Welcome to our monitoring SEO performance (or Search Engine Optimization niche services & case studies) page for several industries, based on several KPIs (progress metrics). Here we share a sample of Joanna Vaiou’s SEO work for several business types and we answer to popular questions related to SEO progress tracking/measuring. What is the role of Joanna as a Search Engine Optimization Consultant?

Our SEO Case Studies

There are 3 main types of established medium-large companies we work with and you can find them next.

On this page, you will see cases for  LocalNational client/partner SEO projects.

Joanna Vaiou is an SEO remote company owner from Greece, for English speaking global clients.

Before sending an SEO inquiry, please ensure that your requests are as clear as possible and include the goals you have as a business owner in terms of Google visibility (target keywords, categories, target audience locations, etc).

Enjoy reviewing the following short SEO cases and if you want similar results, send us an inquiry today, through the contact form.

Here you can see a sample of Joanna’s work when it comes to SEO on niche projects.

These case studies will help you understand how SEO works and what you can expect from your SEO specialist.

If you are interested in potential cooperation with Joanna, you are kindly advised to email her via the contact form, sharing as many details as possible for your project’s needs and your current available resources you have in order to invest in your project.

The more information you share, the more likely is to receive a reply, at her soonest convenience.

Monitoring SEO Performance – CASE STUDIES 

The majority of the businesses type we support, services we offer at JoannaVaiou.com and case studies are the following:

This page will be updated with more SEO  performance tracking cases as we go.

These all are real examples of how SEO works as a marketing service for a business that invests in it.

Every project is custom though, this will help you understand in general what you can expect if you decide to incorporate SEO into your traditional (or not) marketing mix.

Frequent questions about monitoring SEO performance

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