Maximize Your Facebook Campaign – Integrating Social and CRM Data to Build Lookalike Audiences

http://www.directagents.com/social – If you’re anything like me, you spend time scrolling through your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a daily basis. Not only do we use our social media channels to interact with people we went to high school with but we follow our favorite brands, sport teams, share our favorite activities and even list the places that we go.

Our audience’s affinities are invaluable to us as marketers, but how do we take all of this social data and compare it with everything we already know about our own customers to maximize our social media marketing campaigns?

It’s all about strategically integrating social data and CRM data. Beyond general demographic and geographic targeting, social media advertising has opened the door for deeper interest, behavioral and connection based targeting. Tools such as Facebook’s audience insights allow us to uncover data on audiences before we ever target them with ads and these are targets that we probably wouldn’t have thought of before. We can upload data such as our customer lists, our website visitors or other interest and behavioral targets that have already proven to be effective through our social media campaigns.

Facebook’s audience insights can tell you what other pages that your audience is mostly likely to follow and engage with so that we can scale these audiences and find other people that are similar and share similar affinities to their target audience. These are all new targeting segments that already overlap with our existing audience, allowing us to expand our reach.

Now we can use this data to take our pairing of social data and CRM data to the next level with lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences allow us to leverage our customer data through CRM files or pixel data to acquire new customers by matching it against Facebook’s data on our behaviors, interests, and activities and find other people on Facebook that fit our targeting criteria that share the same affinities as those in our customer files.

The key here is to be very strategic when deciding which customer data you’re going to choose to be the foundation of your lookalike audiences. If you just upload a list of all your customers, the lookalike audience you get is probably going to be too broad to meet our campaign goals. Try choosing specific pockets that are most relevant for these particular campaign initiatives. You want to upload a list of perhaps the most valuable customers or customers who have bought a similar product to the one you’re promoting with this particular initiative. The more specific we are with our input, the more value we’re going to get from targeting with lookalike audiences.

This is the ground rule for pairing your customer data and all of the social tools that you have available to you to maximize your social media campaign.

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Maximize Your Facebook Campaign - Integrating Social and CRM Data to Build Lookalike Audiences

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