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By The Open Group

From cloud computing and big data, to the Internet of Things and digital product delivery, the nature of IT has changed dramatically. As a result, today’s IT departments are under enormous pressure to help organizations remain competitive throughout the digitalization process. Traditionally, IT departments have not been built to focus on  development, and are not yet agile enough to handle a business environment that must constantly adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace.

Although the role of IT has changed in recent years, the way in which it runs often remains the same. This is because IT departments are still run by engineers and technologists – or anyone whose main focus revolves around creating technologies. As a result, business models within IT have been slow to evolve, and have – up until now – been seen as a non-priority. This lack of interest has restricted IT from becoming the self-functioning business machine that it has the potential to be. Looking forward, IT departments must change and adopt to a model where IT is managed more effectively. If not, these departments run the risk of dealing with the impending chaos that often ends up hindering their organizations.

Importance of Technology for the IT Role

Today, the main priority of the IT manager is to take a wider view of the business function, being able to identify solutions or make quick decisions as the business function continues to move along. They are in charge of solving problems quickly, effectively and are entrusted with keeping…

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You can read the article in its entirety, on the official website of The Open Group

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