LocalCrowd – Listing & Review Management for Local SEO

If you serve local markets, you need Local SEO. It’s vital for reaching more local cus­tomers. Local SEO needs con­sistent listings on key dir­ect­ories, and good reviews. Managing reviews and listings can be hard work, though. You need to:

Clearly, you need to manage your reviews and listings. So, what’s the solution?

Introducing LocalCrowd

Are your local listings good enough?

LocalCrowd is a listing and review man­agement tool that helps you control your online repu­tation.

Would you like an easy way to collect, track and manage reviews? Would it help if you could address any con­cerns before they turned into poor reviews?

How about an easy way to update your business details across lots of major dir­ect­ories and business listing ser­vices? Or to monitor your profile views on those sites? Or just to track your rankings for key local search terms?

These are just a few of the ways LocalCrowd can help. It’s like crowd­sourcing your own success!

How LocalCrowd Works

LocalCrowd gives you the tools you need to dom­inate your local market:

Citation and review man­agement boosts organic (unpaid) search pos­i­tioning for local and general search terms. It can also get your business fea­tured in the “map pack” above other organic search results.

Almost all con­sumers now search for local busi­nesses online. In fact, local search terms account for 46% of all Google searches and 16% of local searches on mobile lead to a sale within 24 hours. So local search per­formance can make or break a small business.

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