Learn from Our Top 10 SEO Sessions & Master Classes at eSummit

If you are looking to drive more leads and revenue from SEO in 2021, eSummit is the place to be.

At SEJ eSummit, we have some extraordinary sessions lined up to help you get ahead of SEO.

You will learn what’s trending and how to take action to drive better results for you and your enterprise.

Driven by our passion to share actionable insights from the industry’s top SEO professionals we have industry-leading keynotes, interactive sessions, live networking, and Advanced Master Classes.

From the why, where, what, and how all eSummit sessions will deliver actionable insights to drive more traffic, capture more leads, and build more revenue.

Below are 10 structure learning topics and some insights into what you will learn in just 2 days!

1. How 2020 Changed the Course of SEO in 2021

In this live and interactive panel, join Izzi Smith and Loren Baker to discuss how search engines responded to what happened in 2020.


2. What Will SEO Bring for 2021

In this keynote, Lily Ray will share details on the fundamental shifts that took place in SEO in 2020, particularly related to the increased importance of E-A-T.


3. How to Use Your Search Data to Understand Your Customers Better

In this keynote, Wil Reynolds will show you how to turn siloed data into insights that will help your organization make faster and better decisions faster for revenue return.


4. How Big Brands Approach Enterprise SEO

In this SEO session, Bartosz Goralewicz will show how to take a hands-on approach to optimizing Core Web Vitals.


5. What’s New with Google’s Core Web Vitals

In this SEO session, Bastian Grimm will dissect Google’s recently introduced core web vitals and offers hands-on solutions to the most common snags you might encounter while optimizing your site.


6. How to Use New Ways & Metrics to Measure Web Performance

In this SEO session, Google’s Martin Splitt will go through the history of web performance measurements, where the new metrics come from, and how you can measure better.


7. How Featured Snippet Answers Are Chosen

In this SEO session, Bill Slawski will share a review of information about query dependent and query independent signals that determine how answers might be selected.


8. How to Diagnose the Cause of a Drop in Google Organic Traffic

In this SEO session, Marie Haynes will share intermediate to advanced strategies to help you to determine why traffic has dropped and whether recovery of that traffic is possible.


9. How to Scale SEO for the Enterprise

In this SEO session, Jackie Chu will teach you how to automate everything from content workflows to tech SEO at companies of scale.


10. How to Sharpen & Advance Your SEO Skills

In our SEO Master Classes, Keith Goode, Senior SEO Strategist at IBM, will take a deep dive into some advanced SEO strategies and tactics that take SEO performance a few steps further.


Using his URA SEO Framework+, Keith will show you how to organize your work to have the greatest impact across four key segments;

And There’s More

Outside of the panels and sessions we also have Ask an SEO panels and dedicated video chat areas for one-on-one networking.

View the full agenda here.

Make sure you also visit the Virtual Expo Hall to learn more from our amazing sponsors and learn how their technology and services can help you.

You will also gain access to special offers and receive expert guidance.

Learn how bring complete visibility into your calls, conversions, and conversation.

Learn how to grow your brand with sustainable link building and strategic content.

Learn how to improve your enterprise link building and drive predictability and scalability.

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