Jobiak AllJobs: Technical SEO Consultant

This role is not a traditional SEO gig in that we don’t need assistance with on-page optimization. We are specifically looking for someone who can outline a strategy for building domain authority for our new job board site. The perfect candidate for this role would also have experience working with enterprise level websites that have tens of thousands (up to millions) of pages. We see a correlation between DA and the fact Google doesnโ€™t want to cooperate with crawling the many pages we have.
There are two comparative sites that you should review
Both of these sites are about 2 years old and receive the type of traffic we need to reach. This position is all about determining what they did in their early days to produce the rankings they have now, and applying that to our site.
โ€จSerious candidates will meet the following criteria to be considered for this role:
The site is a job board and experience with jobs is a plus
This position will work directly with our leadership, marketing and development teams.

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