#IWD2021: How Can We Support Gender Parity in SEO and at Work?

On March 8th every year, we come together to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women globally for International Women’s Day.

But today is not just a day to celebrate how far we’ve come. It’s a time to look at the journey still ahead and to reflect on what we are doing in the ongoing fight towards gender parity.

In the SEO space, as is the case in many industries worldwide, there’s still some way to go before women are fairly represented. 

Last year, North Star Inbound’s Nicole DeLeon ran and released an eye-opening study surrounding gender equality in the SEO industry.

Unfortunately, for many women the findings were likely not such a surprise. But for many others, the gender gap study unveiled a shocking disparity in our very own industry. 

Nicole’s study found that retainers for those who identify as male are 28.6% higher than for those identifying as female.

In our own Local Search Industry Survey, results showed that respondents who identified as women earned 14% less than their male-identifying counterparts. It also showed that fewer women occupied senior positions.

All this goes to say, while celebrating women’s achievements is absolutely something we should be doing, we cannot become complacent when gender pay gaps like those found by these studies are still present.

Top tip: A lot of consumers will be looking to support women-led businesses. If your business is women-led or owned, make sure to include that as a GMB Attribute!

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