Is There A Shortage Of SEO Talent On The Market

Abby Reimer posted a Twitter poll that asks is there a shortage of SEO talent available on the market. The poll is open for the next several hours, so please take it.

It does seem like there are a lot of jobs on the market currently hiring SEOs but that is not based on any data collection process. I just see a lot of people on Twitter saying they are hiring and have been for months.

The poll is currently showing this for me:

You can take the poll on Twitter and eventually this embed will show the final results:

Is there currently a shortage of SEO talent?

— Abby Reimer (@abbyreimermpls)

Of course then you might ask which specific SEO talent? Technical SEO, content marketing, outreach, international SEO, e-commerce SEO, news SEO, etc etc.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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