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The figures don’t lie: by 2021, 65% of global internet users are expected to purchase products online. The rise of international eCommerce makes it not only easier, but also more crucial to cross national borders. But how do you ensure that your products and services can also be easily found and bought abroad? In addition to knowledge of international purchasing behavior and a good shopping experience, there are a number of other aspects to take into account. That is why in this blog we give you 4 tips for growing abroad.

1. Examine the regulations by country

Each country has its own regulations. This is also the case in eCommerce. For example, remember that you must take into account the GDPR legislation throughout Europe.

Additional rules can vary greatly per country and per continent. For example, it is good to be aware of any shipping restrictions, customs laws, export certificates and business insurance.

2. Use the right eCommerce platform

For serious foreign growth, it can be beneficial to invest in a scalable eCommerce platform. Rather go for the optimal platform for multinational expansion than the most popular platform. Which one is best depends entirely on your business. For example, test the localization functions and adapt them to your business needs, such as multilingualism and simple administration per country.

Platforms often have multiple plugins, such as international payment options, that facilitate localized management.

3. Check the local payment methods

In order to sell to foreign customers, it is important that they can pay in a known currency, using a locally common payment method. Common payment methods may vary per country.

By appearing as local as possible to potential customers, you can create a sense of trust. For example, customers are reluctant to make purchases in a foreign currency because they are less likely to understand how much they have to pay.

4. Sharpening the UX and content experience

Try to tailor the content of your webshop as much to the countries in which you operate, so that it suits the customer you want to address.

Market research can provide insight into specific pain points for residents of a certain region. Consider, for example, the national differences in word length and structure, as well as subjects and images that may be considered offensive in certain cultures.

Bonus Tip: Prioritize Mobile eCommerce!

In many emerging markets, consumers rely primarily on their mobile devices and apps to discover new products or brands. More than 50% of online shoppers already make purchases via smartphone. Use this to your advantage by reaching a wider audience, especially if your target audience includes younger people.

Do you want to grow beyond our borders? The above 5 tips will certainly help you with this! Feel free to contact us to exchange ideas without obligation about the possibilities of international eCommerce for your organization.

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