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So what exactly will you get with a full audit? 

For this option, you will receive a comprehensive SEO analysis of all technical aspects. This includes on-page analysis and our recommendations for top target keywords and pages that will send your page to the top. It also includes off-page analysis and recommendations as well as a branded analysis, both of which will increase your business’ online presence so you can become a powerhouse in your industry.

When would a full audit be the best option for your business? 

There are a few circumstances where a full and comprehensive audit would seriously benefit you. One would be if you already have an established site that needs a full check up. Sometimes after years of having a site, you lose track of all the nitty gritty details that help your SEO ranking. A full audit is a great way for you to check what needs to be inspected, polished, and improved.

Another time this is a good option is if you need recommendations on top keywords and pages to index and rank or recommendations on brand authority. You may also want a full analysis of your backlink profile and backlinking environment to see exactly how you could improve on that front and get your business name out on the web.

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