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Introducing Nitropack

One day I saw this plugin being recommended in a Facebook group as the “Holy grail of pagespeed” plugin. One plugin that does all of the above combined. I decided to investigate and see if it can be incorporated into my website.

It was called “Nitropack”.

Most reviews out there will tell you how the process works and explain to you all the technical jargon. But as an end user, what we want to do is simple: install the plugin and see if it delivers the results as promised. If it works it works, if it doesn’t we’ll keep finding the next best solution.

Isn’t that the point of using a plugin? We all want something that we can just set, activate and forget.

For this case study, I will install the plugin on this current website so that everyone can enter the URL into the website speed test sites to see the result for themselves.

I will do a before and after comparison on these 3 major website speed test sites:

On each of them I will run the test 3x and get the average. This is to ensure that my test is of the highest accuracy and not affected by any bugs on those sites.

Before I run the test, here are the existing plugins that we’re using:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that those 3 plugins are bad and should be replaced. In fact, they are quite popular and with the proper settings, they could help you improve your page speed / load time.

But even with these, it requires quite a decent amount of technical knowledge to score really high in the 3 major website speed test sites. And what we are looking for is a set-and-forget solution without fumbling through the settings and watching tonnes of YouTube videos to find the perfect ones for our website.

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