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The impressions of your hair store are the first metric you can follow, and more important influence, of the website. You can see in the search result; your title is used by Google to present your page in the search result. You can, or better should, write your title in a way that makes it logic for the search engines. And easy for users to scan the message. This all is part of the metatag. The metatag contains information on your webpage that gives information about where the page is about. The product description is not meta information, because it contains information about the Island Curls you are selling.

As said, Google uses the metatag information to create the snippet in search results. The metatag includes <title> and <description> elements. The <description> is the more detailed information for the user to understand why she should click on the presented search result. These two elements, the <title> and the <description> should be attractive, and unique for every page of your website.

Some tips for a good <title>

You can use Yoast for your WordPress and WooCommerce hair and beauty webstore, and special SEO section at the end of your Shopify product page. Or if you feel confident with a little bit of coding, you can add the meta information direct in the HTML page.
The <title> is the first a search engine and visitor would see about your web page if they performed a search.
The best thing is to write a short sentence with the most relevant keywords. The sentence should show content and purpose of the page.
4 tips for the best <title>:

The optimal format for your hair product <title>:

Use an order like this:” Primary keyword – Secondary keyword | brand name “

How to write the title

Four examples:

What title you think works best?

Indeed, number four, “Beautiful Island Curls | order online = next day delivery” is best
When you write, please realize: People do not read, people scan text!

Always check

After you wrote the title, check how the title will appear on the google search page. Will it be clear for the reader? If you have doubt feel free to leave a comment or to contact us.

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