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Search engine optimization (SEO) writing has always been competitive, and Google is constantly changing how they choose and display websites in their search results. And, search queries are no longer simple links. Now your webpage competes with Answer Boxes, Top Stories, Videos, Books, Images, and more. All of this impacts how readers find your content online. 

So where do you begin learning how to write content for the best SEO? These content tips not only provide a better experience for your reader, but they can also improve your website and content visibility.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to improve a website’s organic visibility among search engines (most often, Google, which accounts for 86% of searches). Three components play into a well-executed SEO strategy. These include:

How do you write SEO content?

If you’re spending hours writing high-quality content, you should want people to find it. Learning to write SEO content for both readers and search engines is both an art and a science. Try these SEO writing tips in your next article. 

Target your content keywords

First, do your keyword research, and then choose the most relevant target keyword for your content. Think about what your reader might enter into that empty search box and let that guide your choice. This short phrase (for example, the keywords for this story include “seo writing” and “seo content”) will be your article’s focus and the all-important term that we will use to frame the content.

Understand your audience’s search intent

It’s critical to understand the keyword’s intent. Knowing the intent of the search will determine how we talk to the reader.

Is your reader attempting to:

Let’s use “digital transformation” as an example. While we would think of this as a broad and general keyword, search results say otherwise. The top search results all answer the question: “What is digital transformation?”. If we want to show up at the top of search results, our content should do the same.

Top SEO writing tips

Now that you’ve chosen the target keyword that anticipates what a reader will be searching for, it’s time to actually sit down and write the content. Keep these SEO writing strategies in mind:

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