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Peter Hitchener is one of Australia’s most loved and respected TV newsreaders. Think a chivalrous version of Ron Burgundy! He’s spent his entire career in the media, and has been the chief newsreader for Channel 9 since 1998. He received the Order of Australia medal earlier this year for his services to the broadcast media and the community, and is an active supporter of a number of charities.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Pete’s not a business owner, Timbo … and you always interview business owners. Well, you’re right, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from him.

What fascinates me about Pete is that he’s 71 years old, and is not only using social media effectively, he’s using ALL social media effectively. How I found this out was via my 17 year old daughter, who was having a laugh at the dinner table a few weeks ago about the fact that Peter Hitchener is massive on Snapchat … and all her girlfriends love him! She showed me what he as doing, and I thought it was pure genius.

So, if you’re keen to up your presence and engagement on social media, then listen in as Australia’s most popular TV newsreader takes us behind-the-scenes of his love affair with social media.

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Chatting with Channel 9’s Peter Hitchener about how and why he loves social media

Posted by Tim Reid on Monday, August 14, 2017

But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:

Here’s what caught my attention from chatting with Channel Nine’s Peter Hitchener:

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If some thing in this episode of Australia’s peaked your interest, then let me know. Leave your thoughts below.

May your marketing be the best marketing.

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