How to Use Icons for Infographics: 9 Tips for Infographic Icons

Infographics are meant to be visual representations of information, whether it’s numerical data or a step-by-step process. In order to help visualize your content, it’s important to know how to use icons for infographics. Access thousands of icons with Visme: https://visme.co/make-infographics/

Not quite sure how to use icons for infographics? When designing an infographic, it can be challenging to find the best ways to incorporate visuals that make sense for your topic and are aesthetically pleasing.

But using infographic icons doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this video with 9 essential tips on how to use icons for infographics.

Here are the 9 tips we recommend:
1:05 Tip #1: Visualize Your Text
1:47 Tip #2: Label Charts & Graphs
2:16 Tip #3: Create Lists
2:49 Tip #4: Give Them Backgrounds
3:29 Tip #5: Decorate Your Header
4:03 Tip #6: Stick to a Single Style
4:44 Tip #7: Match Your Color Palette
5:19 Tip #8: Size Icons Appropriately
5:56 Tip #9: Utilize Visme

If you’re not sure where to find icons to use in your infographics, look no further than Visme! With thousands of icons in various different styles, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for to visualize anything.

Learn more about how to use icons in infographics in the blog post version of this video: https://visme.co/blog/how-to-use-icons-in-infographics/

Or get started with one of the templates we mentioned in this video:
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/work-from-home-essentials-1425282139/
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/most-frequently-used-visuals-pie-chart-1425280784/
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/6-benefits-of-drinking-water-infographic-1425282691/
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/marketing-presentation-strategies-infographic-1425282443/
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/fun-indoor-activities-1425282137/
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/step-by-step-process--infographic-1425279002/
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/7-ways-to-start-an-online-presentation-infographic-1425282878/
– https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/types-of-websites-infographic-1425282987/

How to Use Icons for Infographics: 9 Tips for Infographic Icons

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