How to Make Your Infographic Useful

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Transcript: How to Make Your Infographic Useful

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, blogger or freelancer, you know that it is important to evaluate your marketing efforts over time and look at how you can create bigger, better, and more effective marketing and content campaigns. If you’re ready to grow your brand, business, or share your message, with infographics, you’ll want to ask yourself: “Is my content going to make an impact?” Don’t fall into the trap of creating for the sake of creating. Instead, you need to focus on your target audience and what they need.

Determining Usefulness
To help you be more effective in creating useful infographics, we made a guided list of questions that will help you make sure that your infographic content is useful.

The true core of determining usefulness in an infographic is knowing that it will work for the people it’s designed for. So, how do you do this? You need to research what works in your niche, with your target audience, and what kind of information you’re going to be sharing in your infographic.

Consider the following questions:

What infographics are other influencers in your area sharing?
Through trial and error, other influencers have already tried different types of infographics in their marketing campaigns. Save yourself some time and look at what types of infographics are successful for others. Consider what’s working for them and then think about how you can make it work for you.

What is the community response to infographics similar to your ideas?
Check what’s trending. If you see a trend in infographics that are similar to your ideas, it is likely that you are onto something!

Is your audience specifically asking for information, explanations, breakdowns, or steps to a process?
Frequently asked questions are a great place to start! If multiple people are asking, it’s time to create something unique, engaging, and shareable to address the question. Especially, if the question can not be easily answered in a short response because it is a complex topic, process, or issue.

Is there data in your industry or business that your consumers will want to know?
Gather the most important data that your consumers need to know and visualize it for them. Give them the big picture and why it is important for them to know this information.

Is there something that you, as a consumer in your industry, would want to see?
Consider your own personal or business needs. It’s likely that others will also have the same needs and are looking for someone to provide them with the information.

Can your infographic be used?
People like printables, checklists, or handouts with useful things they need to remember when trying to complete a task or project. They’ll go back to it again and again if it is truly useful and even share it with others!

All of these questions will help you whittle down those ideas that “seem good” but that your audience just won’t click with, share, respond to, or convert for.

So remember, make your infographic useful!

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