How to Get Started With SEO Services and Content Creation

How to Get Started With SEO Services and Content Creation

Quality Content is the Heart of any good SEO program!

At click-finders, we like to think that the entire process of online promotions – with SEO related activities being the majority of our core work – is like the working machinery of a clock tower (or any time piece for that matter): the gears move all the time and the machinery is forever in motion, whether you see the gears turning or not.  Of course, all websites can’t afford to be as nonchalant as actual clock towers are, can they?  When lively hoods and jobs depend on sales and when the website is counted on for all of, or a portion of those sales, then it hurts when no one visits that website.  In addition to that, when your content isn’t shared on Twitter and Facebook, not only does it sting a bit personally, it’s also a possible indication of website activity, which us why the major search engines like Google and Bing are placing more and more emphasis on social signals.  That’s why internet marketing – including SEO – isn’t a one off marketing method anymore; there are many aspects and tools that must be employed successfully in order to win in the game of SEO.  The problem is everyone wants it today!  They want the success and benefits of good SEO Services without doing the work.  You’ll be forgiven to think “short-term” and “instant” because that’s how we’ve all been spoiled and pampered in today’s fast paced, “got to have it now” society.  In fact, be careful if you think that way with SEO because you are sure to be disappointed (best case scenario) and financially hurt (worst case scenario) if you fall into the trap of a disreputable SEO who promises one thing and delivers another. 

“There are no magic tricks to ranking well.  No secrets that I can share that will have you on the top of Google tomorrow for a competitive keyword.  There is hard work, technical aspects, ups and downs and a commitment to this marketing method that you have never experienced before.  But if you do it well, the payoff can change your business forever!” 

Start with your own content

First of all, are you building content on your website?  Is it industry related to the products and services you are offering?  If you are, then let’s assume that all of the individual pieces of the content you produce are like individual products.  If your blog posts, articles, whitepapers, reports, and social media content were to have a price tag, what would they be worth?  Would you look at your own content as something you would actually pay for?  Is it so valuable to your potential visitors that they would pay for it?  If not, you may want to rethink your content strategy.  

Be in the mindset that every post, article, or report could have made you money if you sold those pieces individually (complete with copyrights).  Only, you don’t charge for such information.  You give it away for your readers for free on your blog or perhaps as a digital download. 

It’s this kind of information that’s shared, commented on, and linked to in today’s internet world.  Do you see the SEO part kicking in?  All those social signals pointing to your site, the numerous natural inbound links, the natural referral traffic – all this increases your opportunities to rank well while giving tremendous value to your readers.  

Social Media

Recently, we published a post on the possible ROI of Twitter [What is the ROI for 10,000 Tweets on Twitter].  If we wanted to, we could spend countless man-hours analyzing the impact of our social media efforts on our business.  You could do the same for your own business.  But we would be missing the point entirely: Social Media isn’t like advertising on mass media.   Don’t get us wrong, measure your efforts and ROI, but don’t lose sight of the fact that social media is about sharing, not selling.  Social media is about being “social”; it’s about the strength of your core network. It’s about the unhindered word going out when your brand, products, and services are discussed.  And when you do it really well, even “you” as a person will be discussed.  Somehow, somewhere, all of this tends to come together and mean something for you, your brand, and your ROI.

The work is a never-ending cycle and is certainly resource-intensive; it takes patience and resolve.  It needs you to be committed and relentless.  But if you are, the rewards are limitless.  Are you ready to succeed in internet marketing and SEO?

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