How to Easel.ly Create Your First Infographic

Have you ever wanted to create an infographic to share an idea on social media? Or to present survey data? Or to use as a visual aid in the classroom? Whatever your reason, we’ll walk you through the steps of getting started with Easel.ly and you’ll have your first infographic created in no time! You’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner! BONUS: Getting started with Easel.ly is FREE!

Watch, and you’ll learn:

How to create your first infographic
How to use Easel.ly’s best features
Where to go for support
How to “Go Pro!”

Links to Resources:

Show, Don’t Tell – The Easelly Blog

[email protected]

Easel.ly Blog:

Show, Don’t Tell – The Easelly Blog

Crash Course in Infographics e-book (FREE!): https://www.easel.ly/blog/crashcourse…

Infographics in the Classroom e-book (FREE!):

Get a free trial of Easel.ly Pro for 14 days:

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