How to Create Graphics for Social Media for Florists and Floral Designers

In this tutorial I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of creating beautiful, shareable and professional looking Social Media Graphics for your Florist or Floral Design Business, from an award winning Florist and Floral Business Mentor.

I’ve spent years creating social media posts and graphics for multiple florists, floral businesses, and organisations, some with followings in the thousands. I’ve had so many requests asking me how to create simple and stunning images for social media using free and simple software. So here it is!

In this video you’ll learn free graphic design online with easy to follow screen sharing instructions so that anyone can follow along. Starting with the basics by learning how to create images with words using simple drag and drop templates, upload your own images and then how to apply that to your own social media aesthetic.

Make images which are on brand, cohesive and relevant to the content in your post, and your overall feed. You can apply this training to any Social Media Graphic Design such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter as well as Social and Email Headers, Infographics and any other marketing materials you may need.

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Download my Free PDF ‘30 Social Media Post Ideas for Florists and Floral Designers’ here:

This guide, worksheet and 30 post idea PDF will give you a full month of content inspiration to help you build an engaged presence on Social Media.


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