How to Create Animated Infographics | Five Types of Animations For Infographics

When you’re creating infographics, you want to do whatever you can to make sure they stand out – so why not add animation? Creating animated infographics can be a great way to grab viewer attention and keep them engaged. Get started today: https://www.visme.co/make-infographics/

Have you ever considered creating animated infographics to share your information? These shouldn’t be overwhelming, but instead, you can utilize an infographic tool like Visme to create subtle animations that can add to your infographic design.

In this video, we cover five types of animations you can use in your infographics to help them pop off the screen.

Learn how to use animations like:
1:32 Illustrations
2:39 Characters
3:35 Gestures
4:28 Special Effects
5:23 Animated Icons

You can also learn about:
4:47 Adding Entry and Exit Effects
5:43 Animating Charts, Graphs and Data Widgets
6:46 Creating Pop-ups

Click through the above links to learn more about the animations that are most interesting to you!

If you want to create animated infographics, you can easily do so with a tool like Visme. Simply add your animated elements, add entry and exit effects to static elements, animate your data and insert interactive pop-ups as well.

Then you can easily embed your infographic right on your website so that your audience can enjoy your design through a really native experience.

You can check out the blog post version of this video here to learn more: https://visme.co/blog/create-animated-infographic/

How to Create Animated Infographics | Five Types of Animations For Infographics

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