How to Communicate Your Business’s Products Through an Infographic

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More and more businesses are realizing the value of visual marketing, especially when trying to launch a new product or business. But, when it comes time to create those visuals, many business owners struggle to decide what sort of image to create.

Simply taking pictures of your products won’t always tell people what it is and writing up a long description might bore your audience. So what’s a business owner to do?

Why not use infographics to communicate your products?

With infographics, you can show people what your product looks like and tell them how it works.

Organizing Your Products for an Infographic
Once you decide to use infographics to promote your products, it’s important to:

Develop a hierarchy of products. This could mean:
-Promoting a free product as a lead for future paid products
-Highlighting products with tiered pricing (starting with the base price first)
-Illustrating the differences between different models of your products

You also want to Boil down what you want to say about each product to 2 or 3 points
-Try to think of icons or objects that could replace text!

Lastly, Keep it simple.
-Don’t overload an infographic with all of your products if you have a lot!
-Don’t feel like you need to create a page-long infographic every time

You can create different infographics for different products based on:
Different audiences
Price sets
Types of products

Highlight Your Product Strengths
One of the best ways to make a sale with visuals is to persuade people that your product is better than your competition – or that one of your products is a better fit for a specific buyer.

A few ways to do this include:

Comparing similar products for the “research” buyer
Explaining how your products are different from others
Sharing how each “part” of your product/service works:
Listing all of your services in a short review

Of course, you can also:
-Spotlight single products
-Use actual product photos
-Create roadmaps for special products/demos that are customizable

What you do with your infographic is up to you, but hopefully these give you a few starting points when drafting your product infographics.

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