How to Come Up with A Winning Idea for an Infographic

Title: How to Come Up with a Winning Idea for an Infographic

You may already have a ton of ideas for an infographic that you would like to create. But for many of us, we may need some help getting started with generating ideas. Now, ideas come from a lot of places, but for infographics access to new data and timely topics can be particularly important. Consider these 5 suggestions for brainstorming and generating a winning idea for an infographic:

#1 Use the news
topics inspired by sites like news.google.com and news.yahoo.com are great for media pitches. You can also go to your library’s website to access their online databases and online periodical subscriptions. These online resources through the library may have access to information and data that you can’t easily and freely access on the open wide web.

#2 Lean on your own expertise
You can also create an informative infographic on a niche you know well. If you are a subject matter expert, consultant, professor, researcher, or business owner, you can build an infographic based on your industry knowledge and expertise. If you are a teacher and working with students, challenge your students to create an infographic on a topic or process they know well.

#3 Check what’s trending
Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook will all tell you what’s popular via their trending topics sections. Check these sections out and see how you can turn what’s popular into an infographic. You can even connect and relate your own content to what’s trending to create a unique infographic catered to your audience.

#4 Explore existing infographics
Use Google Images, Pinterest, or one of the infographic directories for inspiration and to get an idea of what audiences like.

#5 Use “Help a Reporter Out”
(Also known as HARO) is a daily email newsletter with story ideas that could turn into infographics. Visit www.helpareporter.com to sign-up for free and receive your daily email newsletter.

Which of these suggestions do you think will be the best place for you to start brainstorming? Where else can you go to get ideas and inspiration for infographic topics?

You may find that a combination of these suggestions will help you get started with idea generation. I’m sure you’ll come up with many, so as an added tip, you may also want to keep track of all your ideas in a journal for future use!

How to Come Up with A Winning Idea for an Infographic

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