How to Change the Search Engine in the Windows 10 Start Menu

If you don’t like Bing, then you must really hate the Windows 10 Start menu’s web search. You may even have it disabled entirely. We don’t blame you, but there’s a second option that gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to search the web from your Start menu using a different search engine entirely.

Yes, you can switch things up and search with Google (or another search engine) from the Start menu instead, but you’ll need the help of third-party software to get there. There are a handful of open-source applications that can do it, but Search Deflector is one of the few that are still actively supported and simple to use.

The free installer is safe to use; if you run into any issues installing it, there’s also a paid version of Search Deflector available on the Microsoft Store for $2. Whichever you go with, both versions are visually and functionally identical.

Once you’ve installed the utility, here’s how to change both Windows 10’s Start Menu search engine and which browser the search results load in.

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