How Can You Improve Your Local SEO? – HMA PR

If you are a local business, search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to your company, especially if you are looking to attract local visitor traffic. Not managing your local SEO and how your business is shown on local organic search can become a missed opportunity, causing a loss of business with local customers.

The first step to optimizing your local SEO is setting up a My Business account on Google. When creating your profile for your business it is essential to include your contact information, logo, hours of operation and photos. This will give customers a snapshot of your business when they search you up and provide all the necessary information a customer needs to know. It is also important to make sure your business is visible on Google Maps so customers can easily receive directions on how to get there.

Another important element to local SEO is customer reviews. When your business is searched, your star rating as well as customer reviews will be visible in the results. Encouraging positive customer reviews of your business will improve your reputation and stand out right away when customers engage in local SEO.

Creating content like blog posts is another great way to boost your local SEO. Writing blog posts on local news or events happening in your location can help you become more recognizable as a local business and connect your business to happenings in the area. An example of this content is this HMA blog from last month that discusses the Arizona vaccine rollout and how this relates to the media relations HMA has been doing for more than 40 years.

SEO is always changing, but when you stay on top of your business and how you appear in searches you are sure to create new relationships that lead to loyal customers.

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